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  • keiron keiron Oct 12, 2010 01:51 Flag

    Singapore Billionaire preparing new offer

    Looks like a singapore billionaire is going to make a improved offer to buy liverpool maybe if it is enough then liverpool might not even need to go to court tommorow if H and G agree to the sale.

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    • There is something I just dont trust about this guy.

      I get the feeling all his shouting is part of a plan to swing the courts in Hicks favour so the club will go into administration leaving it cheaper for him to buy. I also reckon we would see managers coming and going without being given a chance. This is all just a gut feeling but I do not want Lim at the club.

      For a long term plan I believe NESV are the ideal people to run the club it may be a long road back to the title but what a journey its going to be

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      • You just have to ask - where was this tosser even just two weeks ago?
        If he is that keen on "doing the right thing for Liverpool FC" why didn't he put in his bid several weeks ago and have it properly vetted?
        Sounds very much like a HG put up job the more you look at it.
        Will these septics stop at nothing?

      • He's an opportunist, he's a trader, who will have his name plastered all over the pages of every singapore newspaper that he's looking to invest in LFC, and his own interests (stock price) will rise accordingly over night just by the mere mention of his 'proposal'. He's probably already pocketed himself a cool couple of million just by that alone. Its all my arse! Its all a bluff, and probably orchestrated by H&G !


      • P.S. has anyone else seen the designs for Anfield as a redevelopment yet? saw them the other day and they look impressive, i'll try and get the link and post it again. they are throwing another tear on the Centenary stand, and demolishing (long over due) the main stand and replacing it with a three tear stand. the kop and anfield rd stay the same due to proximety of the road. that will give us 65k


    • According to NESV spokesman this is just a sideshow now. They believe they have a legally binding deal with the board, which the court today said can act on the clubs behalf despite the actions of the owners. Therefore, despite the board meeting later today, and the Lim thinking he still has a shot at buying the club, it looks to me all that can happen now is the sale is ratified by the full board, and finalize details of how to empty out H&G's personal effects from club property.

      Anyone out there got a skip they can let tweedle dee and tweedle dum borrow. We can throw all their stuff in there and charge them rent until they haul their stink off Merseyside!

    • be careful ....you want an owner who will put the best interests of the club first....;we suffered under sugar and scholar....money first,club last

    • According to court he has no chance as new yank offer is binding , all them or admin and 9 points reduction. Its also revealed he's a manu fan and has several manu themed shops and pubs in far east.

    • Fair enough dsteer but are you sure you're not just ducking the issues because P&S gets your goat mate? I think most here would admit he's far from a fool but rather someone who sets out to provoke a reaction and more often does lol. Curious though dsteer, did you really back H&G and do you still think rafa would still be our best bet for manager?

    • NESV thn may well improve that offer.. It's possible that Broughton could let slip to NESV how much the rival bid is for... Just to piss off Hicks lol

    • In addition.. Broughton will be thinking whats best for the club long term.. No doubt he's seen what NESV can bring to LFC and it would seem their ethics gels with our own.. Otherwise he and the board wouldn't have accepted it surely..

      Their also mighht be a deadline that if a deal has been made and accepted that any other bids no matter what figure is set.. That the one who has won.. Has the contract.. in this case NESV?

    • I don't want or mean to discredit the guy. You can't blame someone for working well at their trade(s) and then trying to expand interests to make more money. Obviously being the 8th richest man in Asia says something, and he's come out and said some very nice things, but I have to be skeptical he's come on so strong at this point in the ball game. He could have very well made himself known in the summer and still bought the club at a decent price which may have been to tweedle dee and tweedle dums' liking, plus injected cash for summer funds and we'd be in a different boat all together.

      Money talks, and to be honest, if I won the lottery tomorrow and had all this cash, I'd be more than willing to try and make some smart investments and double my money in things I don't know so much about. But that's the worry, I fear, he could end up being like the Sheiks at City, trying to be a hero for his nation, spending in abundance and not seeing the real picture. Man City, still haven't won anything and just posted EPL record losses because of over-spending and wages.

      Another thing to consider, Liverpool have an already enormous following in Asian countries. We had our pre-season tour there 2 years ago and played the national teams and some clubs, and were treated like rock stars. I think another positive that I haven't even harped on (being the obnoxious, uneducated, no knowledge of football, American that I am), is that the United States while growing in interest with the MLS and televised matches of EPL and La Liga, is an enormously rich pool for which to create a bigger name for LFC and generate more commercial revenue. Speaking frankly, I see more Manchester and Chelsea jerseys than Liverpool here, and perhaps a tour next pre season in the states, maybe even a match at Fenway Park in Boston would be a historic event...

      I don't have any vested interest other than the club and winning, but to me, it seems NESV are the safer, more astute, structured choice. Well balanced in business and sport alike.

    • Rafa is a tactical genuis & a great man manager , just with us some players took to him more than others which I'll put down to culture .

      Now hes at Inter with a football savy board willing to back his judgment , something the Yanks who never employed him in the 1'st place & wanted rid of him from day , didnt do ?

      I wouldn't be surprised to see him in a few more champions league finals & lifting a few scudettos .

      Its a shame things didnt work out ideally for us under Rafa but these things happen in football & I would consider it worth it if it leads into a 10 year Dalglish reign .

      Fingers crossed .

    • Exatly Dog, he's saying things to appease the "glory hunters win quick, get rich quick" plan, but who knows if he sees the big picture.

      Again, obviously I've not been a supporter my entire life, nor been around for all the great moments in the '90s '80s and '70s, but I guess it would be fair to suggest that doing things like Chelsea/Man city/Real Madrid are not the Liverpool way. From a true sports perspective, I don't like that model either, and as a New York Yankees fan, the richest team in baseball, and top 5 in the world, sometimes I even get annoyed when they over spend. The other American teams and leagues I support don't operate that way, though they don't win like the Yanks, but there's something to be said about development, a stable foundation and players who truly care about the club.

      I'd much rather Liverpool get their stadium enhancements or a new one started, buy 2-3 players at a time as well as bring up and integrate the likes of Kelly, Shelvey etc., and achieve greatness again that way. I want nothing to do with being compared to CFC, City etc etc. I have a great appreciation for Liverpool and all English teams' history, and I don't think "sheik like money" makes it fair for anyone. If it's not LFC, I'd rather it be Sunderland or Birmingham that makes 4th spot over City..

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