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  • Woys biggest fan ! Woys biggest fan ! Oct 13, 2010 04:32 Flag

    Meireles (a refreshing topic)

    Why not just drop G altogether ?

    I mean if you want to split up a partnership that has proven itself to be worth 1+ goals per game in favor of experimenting with unproven players why not just drop him if you are that determined to lose ?

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    • Where in my post does it at any point state or even suggest dropping Steven Gerrard or trying to lose a match? Before you read any further and prepare your response PLEASE answer the question.. where did I say that?

      Gerrard is the first name on my 11 man sheet 100/100 times, even on a broken leg. I'm very plain and simply commenting on how nicely Meireles was playing at the time, and shortly after that he scored on a 30 yard shot, and was man of the match. If he's good enough to do that for the 3rd ranked team in the world which features Ronaldo and Nani, he's had a nice day and certainly deserving of his place in the Liverpool 11.

      I am suggesting that Meireles, be partnered alongside Gerrard in the CM position so we have two creative, skillful, athletic players who are excellent passers of the ball and hard workers and Meireles defensive abilities allow Gerrard to make his storming runs forward towards the box to take shots from distance and provide crosses etc. Furthermore, my suggestion of this pairing allows Joe Cole to play in a more favored and comfortable central position behind the striker.

      You're talking about me splitting up the partnership of Torres/Gerrard, but do you know if Torres is even close to fit or going to be in the squad vs Everton? You must have inside sources with the physios. He's again suffering from an injury that's been lingering for 2 years now, and as magnificent as it was, we haven't seen that 1-2 punch in full effect since 2008. So if Torres isn't healthy, we're looking at Ngog leading the line and Cole should work just fine behind him with Gerrard and Meireles delivering the passes and deep support. That is all, nothing more, no conspiracy theories, no dropping Gerrard..

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      • Gerrard & Torres are a proven 1+ goal per game strike partnership in the EPL & you want to alter that for someone who has done zero in the English game let alone at our club .

        There isnt a strike partnership in Europe that compares to those two's figures & if there was they would be treated like Gods not split up & the driving force made to play more or less as a sweeper .

        The main problem is that G is such a good player you could play him at left back & he would be the best left back in the league but do we need a left back that badly we are willing to destroy a 50 goal partnership ?

        Only someone intent on our destruction would say yes .

        By your logic we shouldn't think twice about a clear out of our defense & buy the Montenegro back 4 & Keeper because they kept a clean sheet against England .

        Nani is dung by the way , womin on tha rag are less moody than him & you cant name me one important game Ronaldo produced the goods in , his temperament is as shaky as your football knowledge .

        The more I read from you the more you read like a teenage girl dreaming about her favorite boyband , how she would chop & change their positions on stage & mix & match their outfits , its as clear as day you have never kicked a ball in your life because anyone that has ever played at any level will tell you it just isn't that simple .

        I have high hopes of Meireles but theres no way I'd willingly sacrifice G's match winning ability to accommodate my high hopes .

        If Meireles , like anyone in our squad , is good enough he will make it into the 1'st team in due course , if he isn't good enough ? so be it , theres no shame in it , like I said it takes or at least it should take one hell of a damn fine player to disrupt & exceed a 1+ goals per game partnership .

      • Meireles should be our deepest lying midfielder, no question. I have no idea what Roy is doing. It seemed a very clever signing but just seems to be played out of position. Bizarre