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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 13, 2010 19:08 Flag

    Meireles (a refreshing topic)

    Agree with the Gerrard - Meireles partnership in the centre. Gerrard is after all a box to box midfielder and not a number 10. The central areas of our team have always looked good, but the wide ones have been a problem for too long. Who can we place there with and sort of quality? Pacheco could do a job on the left perhaps even though he should be an alternative option to Cole, and Kuyt can fill that position as well but should really be used as backup for Torres. Wingers are what is needed, Kranjcar for the left perhaps and someone pacy for the right. SWP could be accessible but is too old. Payet has been unbelievable in France but his price is much the same. If the takeover goes through Roy must invest first 20-30 million in good wide players, who naturally occupy that positions.