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  • Woys biggest fan ! Woys biggest fan ! Oct 16, 2010 14:24 Flag

    Bottom line .

    I think its time to set out our stall & state our objectives loud & clear for the boardroom to hear .

    The managerial base line has to be 76 points & two semi final places .

    Players should be fined accordingly for failing to achieve those objectives & rewarded accordingly the more they exceed those objectives .

    We want or need no more spice boys , we want & need men with a pride in performance & will to win .

    On top of that the manager has to play football we enjoy watching with the quality of players we admire .

    We arent Malmo or Fulham & equally we shouldn't demand a league per season all I ask is that we are genuinely challenging in every competition we enter .

    For a club the size of Liverpool in reality 76 points MINIMUM isn't a lot for us fans to ask , therefore to avoid the managers job being placed under review by the board 76 points should be the line of safety not a specific league position .

    If that gets us top 4 well & good if it doesn't so be it .

    Some seasons we will exceed that mark & some seasons just scrape enough to achieve it because of cup runs but for me it is an honest , realistic & fair target .

    What say you ?

    Yay or ney ?

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    • If the players & staff faced a fine of a 25 percent loss of wages or hefty bonus after every 12 or 13 league games you would soon see an end to the excuse culture that is rampant & poisoning our club .

      KEN - NEY !

      KEN - NEY !

      KEN - NEY !

    • It all depends on getting the "mediocrity" out of the team, or deadwood if you would want to call it that, first the team has to string together a few wins before they can even think about reaching even 70 points let alone 76, right now in the league NO team fears liverpool...

    • Yea we all realize things aren't perfect Raaj but its the criteria for considering success for a manager I'm posting about not the supposed lack of quality in the squad & I think my suggestion of the principle of frequent punishment/reward would soon bind them as a unit .

      76 points is not beyond this squad .

      The question is if 76 points are attainable with this Manager at the helm .

    • Actually i'm sitting on a desk chair, the couch is too low for the PC desk.

      Actually I am offering a conclicting opinion, you think it will work, I don't. Can you not grasp that they are opposites?

      So your not going to answer my question regarding potential employers then?

    • I didnt see any question about potential employers but if its about players not coming to the club ?

      Personally I wouldnt want to play for Hodgson no matter what money I was offered & the other side of that is I would walk 1000 miles & pay to play for Kenny Dalglish & Ian Rush .

      The question is how much is enough ?

      Players like G , Torres , Reina & Alonso all could of moved for more money at one time or another but all wanted to play for the club because they understand the concept of being Legends as did Rafa .

      Those are the quality of player we want at the club & who will naturally gravitate toward signing for us as long as we aren't making them claim income support when we dock their wages for failing to meet a target .

      Anyone that isnt 100 percent on board we dont want or need .

    • Ok, my fault, it was more of a statement and i didn't end it with a ? but here it is again:

      "If you had two offers on the table from two potential employers, one saying we will pay you a basic wage regardless of your performance and one saying if you don't perform as expected you wil be fined you're going to go for the first one."

      Look mate, i'm not trying to have a slanging match from you, you don't know me, I don't know you. Like I said I actually think it is a good idea but I just don't think it is feasble as it could scare of potential players we want to sign.

      "Anyone that isnt 100 percent on board we dont want or need ."

      Yes that is a statement I agree. Anybody who doesn't want to play for the shirt and give 100% every time they pull it on can feck right off!

    • You are a bag of contradictions .

      You have just agreed with me & disagreed with me while re posting a question I have already addressed when I said I wouldn't sign for Hodgson for any money but would pay to play for Kenny .

      You then said you wouldn't sign for LFC & would sign for the bigger money offer but then said you don't want anyone that wouldn't play for the shirt .

      You are right I don't know you but I do know hypocrisy when I see it .

    • Ok...my statement never mentioned Liverpool, it just said potential employer. That's any employer.

      Yes I said I don't want any player that is only coming to play for us for the money, but no player is going to sign for us if he is told that his wages will be docked if we lose a game, or 13 games, it doesn't matter how many games. No player will sign if he is told he is going to lose any of his wages. They have a basic wage plus bonuses. Any player is going to want the guarantee of his basic wage.

      I never said I would or wouldn't sign for LFC. See the paragraph above, LFC is never mentioned.

      Why can't you grasp the fact that I am agreeing this is a good idea but not a feasable one? The majority of football players are salary mercanaries these days and will not tolerate their being told their wages will be docked. Sad I know but that's the way it is.

    • You are now flogging a dead horse & mindlessly repeating yourself .

      What you said is there on the board in its context for all to see .

    • Yes you are spot on, I do keep repeating myself. It seems I have to because you just can't grasp the fact that I do agree with you but it sadly isn't feasble.

      And yes it is there for the whole board to see that you can't get that into your head.

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