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  • I understand your all very upset by your teams performances this season but u cant blame roy.

    he has inherited a very average team & squad from rafa.

    after 5yrs rafa left u with this team & squad!
    its a scandal!

    roy has basically got 2 world class players in torres & gerrard.

    a few decent players like reina, skrtel, agger, skrtel, konchesky & kuyt.

    & too many average players like lucas, ngog & the greek guy.

    7th or 8th is about par with this squad roy has inherited.

    u have had a bad start & are well below par but u have got to give him at least till xmas to get them in the top half.

    dont forget u have lost your only other world class player in masch & replaced him with a decent but nothing special poulsen.

    NO manager even jose could get this current squad in the top 4.

    it will take time for roy to implement how he wants the players to play etc.

    u have new owners who hopefully have the clubs success at heart so get behind the manager & the players & pray roy is given some funds in jan to get a few quality signings in where u are short.

    i warned u cole was a decent player but nothing more. extremely over rated by us english fans.

    still worth having at the club but wont make a huge difference.

    i think u should go with 3 in & 3 out in jan.

    maybe let maxi-lucas-greek guy go

    & get a quality wide player- a goalscorer & a reliable CB.

    id go with hangeland, bent & nzogbia.

    rafa has a lot to answer for.

    good luck for the rest of the season.

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      How was the reality check at the hands of Rafa spursbabe?


    • Think we'll have to agree to disagree on Alonso. You think he left because he was upset with his manager because a year earlier he went for a player that could have played the same position as him, and he might have been shipped out to help pay for the deal. Fair enough.

      I on the other hand think there are way too many other factors involved to know what the decider was really. For me the most likely was just the pull of Madrid which for other players has been very strong, so I just think he had his head turned and decided to go for greener pastures in his homeland.

    • some good pts. but i still disagree on the alonso masch comparison. rafa openly tried to sign barry to play in alonsos position & u know the rest.
      roy did no such thing to masch.

      i didnt really explain my reina pt well. i didnt mean off form as in making lots of mistakes etc (although he did make 2 big clangers). i rate him very highly & for me he has been decent but not his usual high standards. a few goals that were not his mistakes, id still normally expect him to pull of a great save.

      he doesnt seem to be doing that as much.

      i still think he should have saved berbs over head kick. it was no where near the corner of the goal & he just watched it.

    • seems your more interested in what i do rather than posting about liverpool.

      yes i watched the match on tv but after we went 3-0 down as well as down to 10men i had went on the laptop as well.

      some of us can multi task.

      hate watching us get hammered. but in the end bale made a game of it.

    • KOPALOT....Well said mate !

    • SPURS BABE...GREAT POST...Yes 3 in 3 out agree there but would much prefer that Roy was one of those out and King Kenny appointed to take his place and get us back to playing with STYLE rather than this dull shyte we are playing under Hodgson...think he could be BENITEZ in disguise ! Appoint King Kenny ...NOW !!! Let KK be the man to spend the Jan. transfer money.

    • Did you only start supporting LFC last yr, cos I could understand a comment like that if you didn't know about how close we came to winning the League with 86 points in 08-09 & losing twice out of the whole season, or how in that season we did the double over the Mancs & Chelski, thrashed Real Madrid & set records for the highest number of goals scored, or how we still hold the record for the highest Champions League match score (8-0, v Besiktas) or that we were seeded 1st by UEFA for our Champions League win ratio (including WINNING THE F.U.C.K.I.N.G THING & GETTING TO ANOTHER FINAL IN THE SPACE OF 3 YEARS, not to mention another semi final). Or how he managed to get Reina, Mascherano, Alonso, Luis Garcia, Agger, Kuyt (before you scoff, how many times did he score the winner in derbies?), Arbeloa, his replacement Johnson (excellent getting forward, now completely exposed by the sh1te system played by Hodgson), Crouch, etc.

      The only conclusion I can come to (after listing all the above, which any decent Liverpool supporter with a pair of eyes would have seen) is that you're an ignorant plastic c.u.n.t who should f.u.c.k o.f.f back to your real club's board as you obviously have no idea what you're talking about with this one.

    • Couple things here I can agree with, and a couple I can't.

      First off your premise that it’s all down to Rafa I'm sorry for me just does not pass muster. The evidence you point out is a very average squad that Roy inherited. That maybe, although it should be said that with just a couple differences that is still the squad that chased Man U to the end of the season just 12 months earlier.

      Also, I think its fair to say that Roy in fact weakened that squad even further. Now maybe its not his fault that Masch wanted away, but he also let a number of promising youngsters go also (those we assume were his choices). That alone may not be a huge sin, but what did he replace them with? The likes of Poulson and Koncheski on their best days are very average and should be lucky to be squad players in a club aspiring for the top 4.

      The question though is who's fault is that. We can go player by player and blame Rafa, and for sure he made his mistakes, but then maybe Roy has also made mistakes for example letting a goal scoring Aqua walk. But the fact is Roy nor Rafa had much leeway in bringing in better than average players. Rafa tried to find a diamond in the rough in the free transfer market, and failed a number of times. He also tried to buy youngsters before they were proven hoping to get a deal before they developed. Verdict maybe still out on some of those, although many feel the need to make hasty judgments on players like Insua and N'Gog.

      Roy on the other hand did not have money to spend, that is obvious, so hard to really have a go at him, but other than Meireles (who may prove his best signing) he's gone with what he knows, rather than taking a risk and trying to find something better.

      Bottom line there is first there is only one reason the squad is as poor as it is, and that is under investment. Maybe one manager could have done marginally better than another, but you either shop at Tesco’s, or you shop at Harrods. Second what do we do about it. So far Roy is failing, there is no doubt about that, so the question is can he turn it around. Based on performance its hard to argue his corner, but taking a step back bringing down the axe on a manager who has not been given any real resources, after only 8 league games seems a bit harsh. So the head says one thing, but the heart says something else entirely.

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      • dsteer...heres the bottom line...u cant get over the fact that BENITEZ HAS GONE and defend this prick as if he was still here.
        Hodgson is no better and probably no worse than Benitez was one thing for sure no difference in their dull tactics playing across the pitch instead of pushing forward and going for broke to claim all three points.
        Under investment is whats responsible for the problem?
        GET REAL MAN !!! Sunday I watched the Blackpool FC V Citeh
        game. Since having been taken over by the Sheik City have spent in excess of 300 million squid ! By contrast Blackpool have spent only one and a half million on their entire squad !
        Yes Citeh did ultimately prevail in a thrilling end to end match but all pundits agreed that Blackpool were desperately unlucky to have not won the thing most blaming very poor decisions by the ref which I happen to agree with. So how come Blackpool FC CAN HOLD THEIR OWN IN THE pREM WITH A SQUAD THAT COST ONE AND A HALF Million quid but LFC with all the cash spent by YOUR HERO bENITEZ CANT??? uNDER INVESTMENT do me a favour.

      • "it should be said that with just a couple differences that is still the squad that chased Man U to the end of the season just 12 months earlier."

        really? u had an important player in alonso who kept things ticking over nicely but Rafa dented his confidence & made him feel unwanted over barry who isnt in the same league as alonso.

        u had masc who is an important holding midfielder, now u are left with lucas.

        u had an inform torres who looks a shadow of himself at the moment. u had an inform reira who for whatever reason lost his form.

        even reina looks out of form from his usual classy self.
        carragher is a yr older & u wont have kuyt back for ages.

        this squad is a lot inferior to the squad who finished 2nd.

        its like taking away cole, lampard & drogba & saying chelsea have just a few differences from the title winning team.

        "he also let a number of promising youngsters go also"

        how many promising youngsters actually amount to anything?
        who were your last promising youngsters that went on to become stars of your team?

        everyone knows less than even 1% of the young/youth players actually go on to become stars of your team.

        if they go on to become top players than i understand your point. but its highly unlikely, so until they do that point is a big if & maybe!

        "likes of Poulson and Koncheski on their best days are very average and should be lucky to be squad players in a club aspiring for the top 4."

        he hasnt got the funds to be able to get top 4 players. konchesky is a solid LB & u swapped him for a few players who will most likely never make it. no he isnt world class but apart from gerrard & torres who is in your team?

        poulsen was an average buy but he needed a quick cheap deal for a stop gap DM quickly after masc went. or else u are just left with lucas!

        how many non world class signings did rafa make? plenty!

        "maybe Roy has also made mistakes for example letting a goal scoring Aqua walk"

        reality check 2- aqua was a shocking buy! an italian injury prone player who couldnt handle the italian league.

        so rafa thought lets bring him to the more physical stronger faster premiership. he was never going to cut it in england.
        not good or strong enough.
        give anyone 15m+ do u really think out of the players u could get aqua was the best signing?!

        no one else in their right mind would pay that amount for an injury prone player who is unproven in the prem or top level.

        it had flop written all over it.

        no point wasting more time trying to bed him in & praying he stays fit & performs well.

        suddenly he is a regular goal scorer too. i saw no signs of that when he was actually fit.

        "many feel the need to make hasty judgments on players like Insua and N'Gog".

        ngog & insua will never be top 4 players. ngog has improved a bit but will never be a top 4 striker.
        dont get me started on insua.

        "Meireles (who may prove his best signing) he's gone with what he knows, rather than taking a risk and trying to find something better."

        rafa left u in such a bad shape & on a big decline, roys 1st task is to steady the ship so he is not in a position to take big risks.

        "there is only one reason the squad is as poor as it is, and that is under investment"

        disagree. on the signings rafa did make the majority of them were very poor signings. he has a shocking buying record & any more investment would have been poorly spent.
        also he seemed to make so many changes for no real reason.
        replace an average LB for another average LB etc.

        u can defend rafa by stating all the sales but the fact is he still spent a lot of money & can u honestly say he couldnt have done a whole lot better with his signings?

      • "So the head says one thing, but the heart says something else entirely."

        One day I hope to be able to decipher your post.

        From what I could put together though, it seems to me you've disagreed with her on every point - why not just say that instead of beating around her bush? You said you agreed with her on a couple of points, I could spot them.

        Your analogy on Tesco/ Harrods doesn't really hold either son, there's also waitrose some of us shop at.

    • There are many blinkered fans on here. Many convince themselves that Rafa bought well. He fcking didn't and that's it and all about it. Torres seemed the only fluke buy.

      The sooner these bum lickers get over Rafas departure the better. This board is fcking littered with excuses and I'm sick of em

    • Hi mate (calling you Enough just sounded weird, sorry!) I heard different, but then has there ever been a manager about whom we are getting two sides of the same story. or a manager who has split the teams own fans?

      That transfer window Rafa had £30m from the sale of Alonso & had to replace him - with Aqui who is more direct & forward thinking with his passing (now on loan with Juventus - thanx to Hodgson - & playing a blinder. In fact, see the last game they played with him) but he was injured & Rafa was told it would take a certain period of time for him to get better but then it took longer for that to happen. Rafa bought Johnson cos of UEFA rules re homegrown players but his cash for a striker was taken away by the rednecks for the debt they put on the club so he had to get Voronin back from Berlin. With £2m left he got Kyrgiakos as 4th choice defender due to European & big game experience. I think he's one of the few players who''s shown the guts & fire needed this season so far.

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