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    Did someone mention 76 points?

    You are kidding right???

    You are FCKING kidding !!!
    I wish I could underline words on this fcking forum along with maybe italics but the following is where we're at:-
    Nearly 1 quarter of the season gone and we're on 6 POINTS!!!!!

    That's 24 in total, not quite 76 though eh numpty bollox. I Agree though it's an even number but let's get to 40 eh!!!!

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    • I rate Skrtel but I'm upset at the current state of affairs & am maybe being harsh on him but it is the first negative thing I said about him since he got here .

      He knows he could of done better . In a derby & when we are fighting for our Premiership survival I'd of given him a pat on the back if he threw himself at Cahill & got himself a card , actions like that can turn games but he opted out .

      Stand up Daniel Agger , your ship has come in .

      Skrtel is on the bench until he shows some balls as far as I'm concerned .

    • Just as you posted that I'm seeing the highlites on fox soccer ironically. Because that goal happened so fast live I couldn't remember it clearly to comment at first..

      Skrtel definitely gave that type of body language, but from 2 replays, 2 views it showed his momentum was leaning almost completely to the wrong side, and the only thing he could have done was handball, resultung in pk and a red. I think it was more of a look of despair than not trying... though it looked it

      Other than an early free kick conceeded, I thought he was very good in the back, though I think I'm the only person who likes him..

    • I also thought Skrtel could of made more of an effort for Cahill's strike , he looked at the ball as it passed him with an attitude of "Fuck it , let someone else deal with it "

    • In the heat of battle Meireles looked like a typical lightweight European midfielder to me , made me remember Bruno Cheroux (the new Zidane )

    • Just curious why he wasn't in the squad, it was the least of the problems.

      Carragher did well enough, and other than Johnson's ability to get forward and send beautiful crosses 20 yards over everyone's head into the stands it didn't matter anyways..just wanted to make sure Glenda didn't have her braids pulled out or something terrible like that..

      To be honest, (in my opinion), Liverpool could have done just as well with only Torres, Gerrard, Meireles, Carra, Skrtel & Pepe on the pitch ..

    • Johnson had a thigh strain apparently but I dont see what the difference is ?

      One quality right back is much of a muchness as the next quality right back , Carra is wasted as a full back but he played that position for us for many seasons so we cant complain about his quality .

      The quality of players we had out there was more than enough to get us a result , the problem was the team spirit was totally absent & has been since before Hodgson arrived .

      Hodgson isn't big enough for the job but blaming his choice of right back isn't highlighting that .

    • Hate to agree for the sake of Hodgson the person, but they made a terrible mistake in hiring him and it's well beyond time, unless he put us right with 5 wins on the bounce. Do I see that happening, NO!

      We started the season after a disappointing 7th and improved, on paper and in theory other than Mascherano, and maybe the loan of Aquilani (debatable), but we've regressed. The players deserve their share of the blame, but they're not the ones running training, selecting the team and employing the tactics, plus you can't fire 25 players, just the manager. Players are supposed to look up to, follow and believe in their leader, and they look like a lost bunch on the field, like a deer in head lights.

      Forget Napoli for the moment, can anyone convince everyone on this message board, let alone themselves that we can DEFINITELY take 3 points from Blackburn next weekend @ Anfield? Everyone are looking at us as a team to take points off, especially the aggressive fat head Allardyce...

      By the way, I missed the pre-game and first couple of minutes, why did Glenda Johnson miss the match? Did she get her hair caught in the door on the way out?

    • We could consider ourselves lucky if Hodgson managed to secure 30 of those available points .

      Theres no question , the job is way way too big for him .

    • mate hope is all that is left at the moment! I hate to be the one asking for Hodgson's head but I can't see him turn it around.

    • Couldn't agree more ergo Hodgson has to go. Sorry old chap, you should have stayed at Fulham.

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