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    Did someone mention 76 points?

    You are kidding right???

    You are FCKING kidding !!!
    I wish I could underline words on this fcking forum along with maybe italics but the following is where we're at:-
    Nearly 1 quarter of the season gone and we're on 6 POINTS!!!!!

    That's 24 in total, not quite 76 though eh numpty bollox. I Agree though it's an even number but let's get to 40 eh!!!!

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    • So 40 is the target a manager has to reach to keep his job with us ?

      Sure thing dipshit .

    • I have nothing to say or do with that but shake my head right now...

      If perhaps the performances were getting better, at the very, very least, and still losing or drawing, perhaps someone could conjure up some rationalization behind that number, but having lost to Northampton and Blackpool back to back @ Anfield, and being punched in the mouth vs Everton, please tell me where another 70 points are coming from? We can't even score 2 goals anymore, let alone show signs of winning 3 points..

      Chelsea x 2 -?
      Spurs x 2-?
      Villa x 2-?
      @ Arsenal - ?
      United - ?
      City - ?

      Not only are both Wigan and West Brom on unbeaten streaks, they've both taken points, away from top 4 sides including a win and clean sheet. Things we've not even come remotely close to doing..

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      • " Bottom line . 16-Oct-10 07:24 AM
        I think its time to set out our stall & state our objectives loud & clear for the boardroom to hear .

        The managerial base line has to be 76 points & two semi final places .

        Players should be fined accordingly for failing to achieve those objectives & rewarded accordingly the more they exceed those objectives .

        We want or need no more spice boys , we want & need men with a pride in performance & will to win .

        On top of that the manager has to play football we enjoy watching with the quality of players we admire .

        We arent Malmo or Fulham & equally we shouldn't demand a league per season all I ask is that we are genuinely challenging in every competition we enter .

        For a club the size of Liverpool in reality 76 points MINIMUM isn't a lot for us fans to ask , therefore to avoid the managers job being placed under review by the board 76 points should be the line of safety not a specific league position .

        If that gets us top 4 well & good if it doesn't so be it .

        Some seasons we will exceed that mark & some seasons just scrape enough to achieve it because of cup runs but for me it is an honest , realistic & fair target .

        What say you ?

        Yay or ney ? "

        It doesn't say Hodgson is going to get anything let alone 76 points .

        Try reading it .

    • I couldnt fault anyone wanting to leave a Hodgson Liverpool side .

      What worries me most is the over use injuries he's not been allowed to rest .

      Thats both the fault of the Spanish National side . LFC Management & Torres himself .

      If he's carrying an injury he needs to be honest with himself & us & give it as much rest as it needs if thats 3 weeks or 3 months so be it , he looks like a man thats worn out & at the end of his tether .

    • Obviously at the current rate we are not going to get 76 points let alone 40. You don't have to be einstein to work that out lad.

      I take it the idea of bringing Rafa back does not appeal to you?

    • What is this talk of letting Torres go? Get a grip people.

    • Based on your comment to the original poster that it's basically impossible to see where the 76 points are coming from, as did I, isn't this question rhetorical and contradictory? People are drawing up numbers of 40 points in the table, how many teams that finish on that number in the EPL or any other top European league have a player of Torres class and ability (when fit)? None. We all feared he'd leave this past summer after finishing 7th! The way the team are playing we might as well be talking about Torres staying as a player of Stoke City really..

      I'm not suggesting letting him go, nor do I think anyone else is, but there's a difference between letting someone go and them wanting to leave.

      Nobody knows what will happen, but players obviously have the right to request to leave and hand in their transfer papers. Should we find ourselves near the bottom come January, Torres could have every right to do so, and being the fact that he's not Javier Mascherano, I don't think anyone would be able to convince him otherwise or drag out the process like was done with Masch.

      I for one, would be devastated if he left. So I'm not carrying on any further with this thought or topic..

    • I agree, let's drop this topic and hope Torres is not thinking of leaving. We need to go on a championship winning run to have any hope of reaching top 4 now, and retaining Torres is a must.

      I don't know who this kopalot79 is, but he does sound like a trouble maker to me.

    • Its not about letting him go, look at the way football has changed. Its all about player power & promising success to keep players at clubs.

      Torres is fantastically loyal but the lack of forward motion at the club will be playing on his mind if we don't start making good on the potential in the club.

    • You need to hope he stops thinking of leaving is what you need to hope .

      Reality is we are bottom 3 but the equal reality is that there are 90 left to play for & with the right man in charge we can grab 60 & make a few people around us nervous .

    • Couldn't agree more ergo Hodgson has to go. Sorry old chap, you should have stayed at Fulham.

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