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    *Asked to account for Hodgson's appointment in July, chairman Martin Broughton explained: "He was really focused on, 'I believe, and I've got a track record that demonstrates it, that I can take the existing players, get much better performances out of them and buy constructively to build for a better future.'" On both counts, Hodgson has failed. His inherited players have regressed and his signings, without exception, have flopped. Paul Konchesky's only use is an embodiment of Liverpool's present plight and the mistake of appointing a mid-table manager for one of English football's biggest jobs.

    * Notice how much better Liverpool were after the introduction of additional firepower? Tactically inept is a default charge to be issued by disgruntled and accountable armchair pundits but pairing Steven Gerrard with Fernando Torres is pointless unless there is a player in the midfield capable of providing quality service. Criticising Gerrard and Torres has become a popular pastime but they are being wasted in Hodgson's otherwise-guileless team.

    * Joe Cole's transfer to the centre lasted almost as long as the predictions that he would be the signing of the summer. The left of midfield may not be his preferred position, but there are no excuses for his inability to cross a ball over the head of Phil Jagielka for the entire ninety minutes. Value for money because he was signed on a free transfer? In wages alone, Cole has earned more than a million pounds since moving to the north-west. On this form, Cole could be the first 'Bosman' since Winston Bogarde to be declared a waste of money.

    *In retrospect, the mistake that was made was the implication that Rodriguez occasionally produces better. He is the definition of a nothing player.

    * But while the red side of Stanley Park is looking backwards, the blue side can start peering upwards. The impression remains that they remain two or three players short of a Champions League outfit, with the 'two or three' determined by Louis Saha's state of fitness. Otherwise, Everton are a very decent outfit. John W Henry could have been excused for wondering if he had bought the wrong club of Liverpool. With £20m - money that, unfortunately, Bill Kenwright doesn't have for David Moyes' disposal - they would be there or thereabouts with the elite.

    * Too good to go down? Along with a vote of confidence, there are no more dreaded words in football. In their current situation, Liverpool are not too good to go down. They are too bad to stay up. Unless something drastic changes at Liverpool, and Hodgson's refusal to change personnel at Goodison Park suggests that drastic change is not in his make-up, the unthinkable really could occur. Liverpool are in a relegation fight.

    Just to say these are NOT my views but taken from another article...some of which I think is a fair assesment..

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    • I cant see Roy recovering from this, he just doesnt look like he has it in him to get the players fired up. Blackburn at Anfield then Bolton away have never looked so difficult and I can think of nothing worse then that clown Allardyce gobbing off in the papers all week! He will probably declare his interest in the Liverpool job this week!
      We can definitely get out of this mess but the manager needs to change, he just has to. O'Neill and Dalglish look the most likely options but I seriously believe that we could get Mourihno at the end of the season!

    • their team is not better how it works is better- a clueless manager is in charge at LFC...

    • i think you need to get a life

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      • End of the day, how many games has Hodgson got to save himself? next 3 games 2 games or more?? Jamie Redknapp was right that its partly to do with Benitez with the present make up of the squad, Alonso,Mascherano, Crouch go, he wasted near 30 million on Aquliani and Dossena, fact of the matter is, if the team had players like, Sneijder, Van De Vaart, and Higuain, the prospects would have been greater, (just wanted to add that in.. I know its irrelevant to what needs to happen NOW...)

        I reckon the best man at the moment for the Liverpool job, some may not agree with me here, is MARCELO LIPPI, he's out of a job I think, he's got a proven calibre (one poor tournament doesn't make a manager) he needs to learn english, (but if Ancelotti can do it, so can Lippi!) Mourinho won't leave Madrid for no other job, aside from Man U possibly, Hiddink won't leave Turkey, so I reckon, Lippi could be the man..

    • Mourinho could possibly take us from the top 4 to a title but when has he ever taken a team from the bottom to the top ?

      He has always walked into top jobs where they were contenders before he arrived & with the help of God knows how many millions gave them that final push to get them over the line .

      In managerial terms hes considered a great salesman (Selling his public image) & a bit of a fraud .

      Kenny Dalglish on the other hand has proven himself in that department getting Blackburn promoted , keeping them up & then winning the league .

    • Just look at the 2 comments from the respective coaches.. One is graceful, honest and even confident he has players to match Liverpool's quality AND that they could go on to play for "big" clubs. Then you have Roy in denial, stating domination and it was the best team performance under his management!! I would have said the win turned draw on opening day vs Arsenal down a man for 45+ minutes was the best performance, downhill ever since... If today was good, I guess 8-0 @ Chelsea will be acceptable and positive.. Roberto Dimatteo, Ian Holloway, and Owen Coyle look like geniuses at the moment..

      To be honest, rather than investing in players I'd prefer if Purslow took profits and NESV threw in, and we paid Jose Mourinho 40 million dollars, or pounds just to get us into the top 6..

      David Moyes: "The smile's not come off my face. It's been a long time. I'm really disappointed I've not been able to win more derbies. We play against a really good football club but it's not been because of a lack of effort. In the past we've probably lacked the quality to match Liverpool. I don't think we do now. We've got players of real quality who could play for the big clubs. Whoever scored the first goal was going to be really important and I think we always looked more likely in the first 20-25 minutes. I was delighted to get in front because both teams have not been scoring that freely."

      Roy Hodgson: "We suffered at the hands of an early onslaught which you invariably do at Goodison but towards the end of the first half we started to even things out. From what I saw I thought we dominated the second half totally. I thought the shape of the team was good, the quality of our passing and movement was good. We didn't score goals and Everton did but I refuse to accept that we were in any way outplayed or any way inferior. I watched the performance and the second half was as good as I saw a Liverpool team play under my management that is for sure."

    • You need to get yer eye on the ball .

      Our situation is we are bottom 3 with zero team spirit .

      Spurs don't compare or matter .

    • I agree with the first two, especially second as that leads on to the third with which I don't agree with. For Cole to be effective in a 433 system we need a strong midfield and this is where Hodgson shot himself in the foot.

      The rest I don't agree with, especially with Everton being better than us. They are not.

      I don't think we'll go down, as Hodgson will be fired well before that happens :)