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  • Gary S Gary S Oct 18, 2010 16:32 Flag


    i think you need to get a life

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    • End of the day, how many games has Hodgson got to save himself? next 3 games 2 games or more?? Jamie Redknapp was right that its partly to do with Benitez with the present make up of the squad, Alonso,Mascherano, Crouch go, he wasted near 30 million on Aquliani and Dossena, fact of the matter is, if the team had players like, Sneijder, Van De Vaart, and Higuain, the prospects would have been greater, (just wanted to add that in.. I know its irrelevant to what needs to happen NOW...)

      I reckon the best man at the moment for the Liverpool job, some may not agree with me here, is MARCELO LIPPI, he's out of a job I think, he's got a proven calibre (one poor tournament doesn't make a manager) he needs to learn english, (but if Ancelotti can do it, so can Lippi!) Mourinho won't leave Madrid for no other job, aside from Man U possibly, Hiddink won't leave Turkey, so I reckon, Lippi could be the man..