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    We can not go on loke this, we have new owners, new investment! And as i am sure most people agree (Hodgson is a nice guy) but he is in over his head here! We should start this new era of our great club, as we mean to go on. Having a tactical inept, defensive minded manger (as Hodgson has proved himself) is not the way forward. We, meaning our new owners should, and i hope will make the change A.S.A.P. Dalglish is the man, whose pure LIVERPOOL spirit and presence, would be the final part of the jigsaw, that would finally lift the cloud over Anfield. Now some people would say he would be a temporary manager (who knows) but we can be sure he would lift the spirit straight away, and he would play good attacking football. Look what the rednap change did at spurs. Please lets have Kenny back now.
    Y.N.W.A. Liverpool FC

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    • OLD DOG...agree withn u sentiments 100% as Im sure the vast majority of fans do...after all poor old Roy doesnt seem to have his own version of the IRWTB to back his views the poor guy NEVER had a honeymoon and most already want him gone. I cannot support him as feel he plays same kind of defensive crap that Benitez imposed on the squad. The reason Blackpool FC won at Anfield was precisely because they came with it in mind not to park the bus but rather to claim all three points and this was obvious from the outset as they played open attacking and ENTERTAINING football...something we both under Benitez and with Roy seem incapable of doing !

    • I'd say Marcelo Lippi is the man,(as mentioned in another thread) his managerial C.V is as good as Kenny's at the very least, the only thing he's got against him is the language barrier..