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  • Jason Jason Oct 20, 2010 09:58 Flag

    Team to face Napoli?

    I think he should, because for me he's almost absolutely worthless as a defender, but he won't because Rafa never played him there, Capello never plays him there, Roy won't play him there, and he might also take it as a slight towards him if he were asked to, especially by bringing in Kelly to start behind him.. who knows what effect that would have on him, possible transfer request or Mascherano situation? I know no player should have or even be given consideration for that type of behavior, but you never know and with what's going on already under Roy the last thing we need is another problem.

    Again, I think he should, but he never will. Personally, I wouldn't be totally opposed to selling him in January, bringing in an experienced player to start or back up Kelly and using the funds for a winger. We paid around 21 million? Could get 2-3 players for that.. what's he really accomplished other than a nice hairdo and 30% of the time on the physios table?

    Maybe, and this is just being creative, we should start Martin Kelly at right wing instead?? He's a better defender, and he gets forward quite nicely when he plays for LFC and for England U-21.. I think Kelly is our best, most underused player in the squad.