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    Henry vs Gilette/ Hicks

    I heard a statement by Henry basically saying LFC fans must not expect him to be spending huge amounts of money on players. His words were 'I don't have 'Sheik' minfront of my name' basically implying he doesn't really have the money to spend to get the club out of trouble and get it moving forward.
    Have we just jumped out of the frying pan into the fire? I'm pretty upset by this statement. Am I worrying unnecessarily?
    I really hope this guy isn't just another American cowboy....

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    • I'm not tarring anybody with anything , just pointing out that you clearly don't know what you are talking about in your claims that not all Yank owners are this or that .

      Me or anyone else keeping a calm pragmatic head while you & your like shake your pom poms & make excuses for zero improvements before the ink is even dry on the bill of sale clearly shows that its me & my like that have the concerns of the club at heart unlike you who appears to only have the concerns of media image at heart .

    • Tarring Henry with the same brush as other yanks owners makes for a negative read.

      My previous point regarding their past form with the Red Sox makes for an inspiring read of what will probably happen at Liverpool. So what not to be happy about.

      Whoever took us over would stay with Roy in the interim period (as did City with Hughes) but if form doesn't improve they ship him out quick enough.

      The stadium situation would take quite a bit longer because they are going to investigate the possibility of renovation over a new build (not likely to be an immediate decision especially since past planning consents have taken a great deal of time, personal experience dictates we might still be waiting in the region of a year for a solid action plan).

      We arn't prostituting ourselves, after all we have very little control over who owns us, we are just doing what Football fans do best, support....well most of them anyway.

      The masses are glad as f*ck G&H have been shown the door. Are they the screamers you refer to?

      What team do you support BTW?

    • Not all Yank owners ?

      Lerner has done nothing special at Villa , H&G were brilliant for us & the Glaziers make them look like saints .

      So what do you kno that we dont ?

      Also I dont see how not screaming with excitement at every new headline we read like a goofy teenage girls at a teeny bopper concert makes us negative .

      Yes we are as hopeful as anyone else but until we see some actual work & improvements getting under way we are bang on the money & you are in no position to comment .

    • ...first and foremost fans should be thankful to the man for wiping the clubs debt and making it possible for club revenue to be reinvested in the squad rather than going to the banks......

      ....ive seen united fans on here saying theyd accept dropping down a league for a year if it means ridding the club of their debt.....

      ....he's also made efforts to engage with the fans my meeting with them and gaining an understanding of what they want for the club.......more than the other two shysters ever even bothered to do.....

      ....personally i feel alot more positive about this guy than the other two lying priks.....he's being up front and honest, instead of promising the earth and not delivering......

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      • Oh, please don't get me wrong, I'm verrrrrry greatful Henry cleared the debt. I just hope he goes further, like all us fans and helps us to happier more glorious days.
        I have to say he seems like a genuine sort of person, but it terrifies me how they (his group) seem to know so little about the EPL and are planning to learn as they go. Who knows, that could be a blessing in disguise, coming in with different ideas and approaching ownership from a different angle. I just hope we don't end up being a failed experiment.
        I live in hope.....

    • Of cource he is a cowboy! But he is our cowboy, and we should look after him! Why? becouse i am sure he will look after us. He is not John wayne, more like a. Alan Ladd (Shane) they have just rode in to save us. Give them time, and no bullsh-t.

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      • Everyone should read the exact quotes and read them for exactly what they are, not try to translate into what you want them to or not to be. Don't spin it, take it for what it is and see what happens. If they fail to deliver, you've got it all here in quotations rather than speculations..

        I'd rather, like Henry says, they under promise and over deliver which would be quite the contrary to those two as$h-les, who in their very first interview said they expected to commence the new stadium 60 days after the purchase.. how's that coming along? Good on you DanielB for finding that fact about Matsuzaka, I'm shocked anyone over there would know about that. Henry basically allowed his gm (our purslow) to put a BLIND bid in an envelope against 31 other teams just for the right to negotiate a contract with a highly touted Japanese player. They outbid the Yankees (Man City) by 15-20$ million from what I remember.. They signed the player and won the world Series, say no more. And, as for not being able to compare baseball to soccer, well ok, not the same sport, but what should be used as a point of reference then when talking about other foreign owners such as middle eastern or russia? Oil Rigs and bottles of Vodka? Talk about grasping at air..


    • This guy has never implied that he is minted and loads of money, but what he does say is that they are here to win on and off the field.
      I can't imagine that he would have made a statement like that but is probably saying that he is not willing to be shafted with overinflated prices just because he is the new owner of LFC. I don't know what the future holds for us but I believe if you do your research on these guys you'll find that they not only want to win but they want to do it without spending millions over the top. This can only be good for us.

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      • Stop being so rosy about it and force yourself to see things in such optimistic way when deep down you know that we are still in mess!

        win on and off the field ??? WTF is that

        end of the day if you dont have the cash you wont get the top players and win. This guy has no money !! He is part of a venture. A venture which has 17 investors in it. That is kinda self explanatory isnt it..that these guys dont have the cash and had to get 17 people to buy a club..

        I said it before yanks + english football just wont work. You either need russians or arabs ..this ventue is just a load of Cr@p which will take you down the pit. And this is not Baseball so it annoys the He LL out of me when i hear they come from a successful background.

        Winning on and off the field !


      • Well they paid $51m JUST TO SPEAK Japanese baseball player (don't know his name, matzuka or something) and another $50m in wages so they aren't scared to splash the cash if need be.

        I never expected them to come in spend city type money but do expect them to give us the profit earned commercially (£59m a season I believe) plus any money earnt from player sales. I also think that profit margin figure will increase as they improve our marketing.