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  • Hobsey Hobsey Oct 19, 2010 22:37 Flag

    Wayne Rooney departure confirmed

    So SAF has confirmed that contract negotiations broke down after the WC and Rooney has refused to re-sign. He will be sold now in Jan unless he has a change of heart. We know he can leave in the summer for £5m but thats unrealistic and he will still reach £30m in January.

    So where will he go?
    Liverpool - The money is now there and what better partner for a dejected Torres, plenty of mates in Gerrard and co. Down side is he has some pretty bad club history and SAF has a little issue with us!

    Chelsea - Big favourite and rightly so, him, Ashley and Terry could go on the pull together round Lamps house. Why would SAF sell to the team hes trying to catch?

    Man City - Heres where the money is and where better for Rooney to find some easy pussy then Wayne Bridges parties. Again not exactly a statement of intent selling to your derby pals.

    Real Madrid - A big chance with Rooney trying to rebuild his family out of the english spotlight

    Arsenal - Surely the dark horse, the funds are possible and there doesnt seem to be the animosity since the Gunners stopped winning trophies.

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