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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 20, 2010 18:24 Flag

    Rijkard leaves Galatasaray

    He is now available and I think he would be a better replacement for Woy.....

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    • I like Riijkaard and his attacking style, however, it would have been hard for Rafa to stop Xavi, Henry, Ronaldihno and co from playing attacking football so I dont know how much credit should have been his.
      Maybe at another time he may have suited but I think we need a guy with big balls right now. Not Big Sam but you get my point!

    • The new COO is an avid LFC fan. He was in Istanbul and has been a LFC fan for 20 years. Surely he must be familiar with some of these names. By the way, the new LFC COO is 'Joe Januszewski, the Boston Red Sox executive who persuaded John W Henry to buy the club, has been appointed chief operating officer - replacing Christian Purslow after he stepped down as managing director on Wednesday. 'Januszewski, who has been a Liverpool fan for 20 years and was at the team's European Cup victory in Istanbul five years ago, advised Henry to watch the situation at Liverpool, which pricked the multi-millionaire's interest in Anfield.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1322353/The-new-man-charge-Liverpool-ordinary-Joe.html#ixzz12ysUpNVb

    • Not sure who would be the right choice for the job at the moment. We really are in a mess on the pitch. I've never seen us defend so bad. Even with Rafas zonal marking we still did an ok job over all.

      But Roy was NEVER the right choice for us whatever he did for Fulham. He should have stayed there imho.

    • Not 100% sure about Rijkaard, not really done anything of note since 2006 and that takes into account having arguably the best team in the world during that period between 06 and 08 at Barca (and indeed before that period).

      Recently had his contract terminated too so not sure what his problem is.

      Its been theorised on Adi's board that he probably relied on Henk Ten Cate (who left at the end of the 06 season) as his assistant (as Rafa probably did with Paco).

      I still want Bilic (Croatia manager), altough he hasn't won anything with Croatia I think his footballing ethic is sound and his team operates above their collective ability. With the right team, he'll go far.

      BTW - answering you original statement, not many managers could be worse than Roy right now. There seems to be a consensus (rumour) that he has 3 games left to pull things around (Napoli (A), Blackburn (H) and Bolton (A) - Not exactly a walk in the park).