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  • Jason Jason Oct 23, 2010 08:15 Flag

    ...manure in for torres.....

    Predictably, of course you wouldn't, so I'll spare you the money and time reading a book.

    "Torres el Nino, My Story"

    -Page 17
    "Back then, Liverpool wasn't an option at all, but other clubs were. A scout from Arsenal even contacted me and gave me his card in case I wanted to have a trial with the Gunners"

    (Translation in Yank English, and UK English, (I speak a little Polish if you like?), he didn't even go for a trial, he was invited with a business card of a scout.) Seems Mr. Wenger and the Gunners missed out, aye?

    Page 18
    "In the summer of 2006 After the World Cup in Germany, Bahia Internacional, the company that have looked after me since I was 15, told me there had been discussion with Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson had been involved, but in the end nothing ever happened". Seems Sir Alex and Manchester missed out, aye?

    "When Liverpool's offer arrived a year later, I took a long time thinking about it and in the end I decided it was time for a change"
    Sounds like Rafa didn't miss out, aye?