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    ...manure in for torres.....

    ...is the latest rumour doing the rounds this morning......


    ........I don't think he'd go there myself.....though I wouldn't doubt the new owners willingness to cash in on him if the offer was right......

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    • Hodgson`s refusal to rule it out doesn`t help either. To say that althougth he doesn`t believe it will happen there is a danger it could will only increase the speculation.

    • Never happen.

      - According to Torres in direct quotes, he would never play for Manchester City because of the rivalry, so based on the fact that rivalry is peanuts compared to Manchester United, he'd never do that.

      - How often do Manchester United and Liverpool conduct business and/or transfers together? Anything worth note?

      - Fernando Torres was brought in to try out with 2 English teams when he was being scouted with Atletico Madrid, Arsenal came in first and Manchester second. Ferguson apparently didn't invite him back, deeming him not good enough. Rafa swooped in and the rest is history. This is fact coming from Torres Autobiography.

      - Ferguson tried to slander and humiliate Torres after the most recent match at Old Trafford calling him a diver, and saying he made an absolute "meal" of the 2 challenges where anyone with 1 eyeball could see were clearly fouls and penalties.

      - Manchester are very slowly, but surely beginning to go in decline both on and off the pitch. Liverpool are not faring much better, but they've made initial steps to turn the ship, so jumping to United wouldn't bring him all that much more success. Chelsea, Arsenal, Barcelona yes..

      - Torres has way too much respect and love for the club and fans of Liverpool to make a move like that. He's been loyal to the club and in his book describes his love for the city and people. Going to United would be unthinkable.. Maybe he'd go back on his comment about Man City to play with his buddy David Silva, but never to United..

      The end.

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      • If anything the mesaage of the last few days is never believe what a footballer tells you. Its not that long ago that Rooney was saying how much he loved United and how he wanted to stay there for the rest of his career. And lets not forget that once upon a time Sol Campbell assured Spurs fans that he would sign a new contract and would never join Arsenal. Like any great player Torres craves the big stage and unless Liverpool stage a dramatic comeback to rival that of Lazarus they aren not going to qualify for the Champions League for the second year running.

    • No, There has always been bad blood between the two clubs even more so concerning transfers i hope that continues, i know he has said he would never go there anyway but i dont believe we would sell him to them no matter how much they offered, if he does leave i believe we would look to sell him in europe.

    • Predictably, of course you wouldn't, so I'll spare you the money and time reading a book.

      "Torres el Nino, My Story"

      -Page 17
      "Back then, Liverpool wasn't an option at all, but other clubs were. A scout from Arsenal even contacted me and gave me his card in case I wanted to have a trial with the Gunners"

      (Translation in Yank English, and UK English, (I speak a little Polish if you like?), he didn't even go for a trial, he was invited with a business card of a scout.) Seems Mr. Wenger and the Gunners missed out, aye?

      Page 18
      "In the summer of 2006 After the World Cup in Germany, Bahia Internacional, the company that have looked after me since I was 15, told me there had been discussion with Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson had been involved, but in the end nothing ever happened". Seems Sir Alex and Manchester missed out, aye?

      "When Liverpool's offer arrived a year later, I took a long time thinking about it and in the end I decided it was time for a change"
      Sounds like Rafa didn't miss out, aye?


    • What are they going to buy him with United are in a bigger financial mess than us, they are always talking about big signings but they never make them and now look set to lose their 2nd star player in two seasons!

    • I'll do no such thing .

      Besides if I did I'd have no reason to speak to you .

      So you are telling me Torres himself said he spent time on trial at both Arsenal & Utd while he was at Atletico Madrid & playing for the Spanish Senior side ?

      How long was he on trial at both clubs before they rejected & Liverpool broke their transfer record to buy him then ?

      I'm sure you either read it wrong or wrote about it in some goofy Yank way that makes no sense over here .

    • Yup , I was right .

      You did misread it & wrote it in a goofy Yank way that made it even more incorrect .

      Torres didnt go on trial anywhere & either because English isnt his first language or he's trying to present himself as a mellow & humble fella he's not saying that he told the Arsenal scout to stick his trial up Arsend Wegner hole & told Utd he wouldn't piss on Them if they were on fire .

      But in reality that's exactly what he told them , you have to make allowances for his public image Jason & then read between the lines . I appreciated you are over there in the LA LA colony's but it was all reported upon here at the time .