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  • Woys biggest fan ! Woys biggest fan ! Oct 27, 2010 22:43 Flag

    Roy's Blueprint for Winning v Blackburn

    But he did come out & criticize the club & manager publicly on more than one occasion alienating himself with the fans , really there was no way back for him after that .

    Also we don't know how difficult he is to work with behind the scenes or how much he was trying to engineer yet another move for himself , to date he has been here , there & everywhere .

    Fair weather players like that we dont need & as a rule foreign players are only here to pick up a pay check & get their new hair do's in the news papers , although in fairness most of the Spanish lads we had under Rafa showed some grit .

    Since the Premier League was formed I cant think of a good foreign player we had apart from Torres & Hypia & both have had bad spells where a less media friendly home nations players would of trumped them with the consistency of their performances if they lacked any in flamboyance which I do not believe they do .

    Yes we have had Rise , Hamman Alonso & have Skrtel & Agger & probably one or two others I'm forgetting but the point remains valid , If we devoted the same amount of time & patience with your granny even she would string a few decent performances together .

    Home grown talent is suffering to accommodate if not averagely talented foreigners definitely average performing foreigners .