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    Roy's Blueprint for Winning v Blackburn

    I can't take anymore of his ridiculous comments. If he has us up in the top 3 and in contention for things, he could say whatever he wanted, but this just stinks:

    "What I am hoping for is a little bit of luck so the result goes our way - whether we play well or we play badly - and that we give ourselves a bit of breathing space in order to start rebuilding and try to move up the table rather than constantly finding ourselves marooned at the wrong end."

    So, basically he's stating beforehand that it's ok to underperform, and in fact play poorly, possibly get a lucky win from an own goal or a deflection and that will be a great result and send this team flying to the top! He sounds like he's medicated. And, to think just 1 win is going to immediately give us tremendous breathing room is hardly the target to strive for, we're still -6 in goal differential, so unless they plan on winning 8-0, a win is expected and a good result nothing more.

    When Roy gets us on a 4-5 game unbeaten streak then he can talk about luck and breathing room, but I can't even take this stuff with a grain of salt anymore... even Rafa with his facts sheets never sounded so ludicrous

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    • hodgson has lost the plot im telling you

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      • What manager in the EPL, or for that matter, any sanctioned league in the world says it's ok before a match to play badly, hopefully get a little luck, and take a positive result from it?

        Avram Grant didn't say things like that with Portsmouth being completely bankrupt facing certain relegation, and still miraculously took them to the FA Cup Final.

        Even Mick McCarthy was pissed off his team didn't play even better than they did and get some sort of result @ Stamford Bridge. I watched that match, and they gave Chelsea a handful for nearly 80 minutes, and with just a little bit of quality could have gotten a draw or snatched a win. Roy would be satisfied with a 6-0 defeat..

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    • I like nothing better than a solidly argued point of view that takes all the factors into consideration. Yes, Hodgson has to go (should never have been appointed) & the following link puts it beautifully (the link from The Daily Post in North Wales from Woy was good too):

      http://tomkinstimes.com/2010/10/end-of-an-error-why-roynv -has-to-go/

    • Miguel, that unfortunately doesn't surprise me. If that article is right then Hodgson is once again displaying all the cack-handedness that has typified his time as manager. Any manager worth his position should fight like a f.u.c.k.ing tiger for his players, but not Hodgson. Any manager worth his position should inspire confidence (& not alienate the best players in the club) with time-proven training methods from the start, but not Hodgson, and any manager worth his position should not come out with the most ridiculous boll.ocks that insults the core base of supporters (e.g. how we played better than we have done for ages in losing 2-0 to Everton) but not that doddery tw@t Hodgson.

    • Today's match was the first time that I think I, or anyone else could even see or make a case for Hodgson fighting and competing above his depth and for this job. He made more silly comments afterwards that leaned towards accepting the way the team let off in the final 15", rather than showing even more intensity in that we needed the killer instinct and to play a 90 minute game and win this 4-1 or 5-1. Not scrape 2-1 in a match we dominated. He has to think big, speak big, act big, and deliver big. Nothing less..

      The team were on the attack from the first whistle, should have been up at least 4-0 at halftime, and that's on the players for not being more clinical and some brilliant goalkeeping by Robinson. The first 75 minutes were as dominant as could be, but the last 15 were very shaky and I think everyone was thinking "here we go again with another late draw", but we held on. We need a 90 minute full performance with intensity and foot on the pedal start to finish. This should have been a 6-0 result easily.

      Nonetheless, it was a much needed, and well deserved win, but by no means am I doing cartwheels. This should be expected, as should a similar performance at Bolton and home for Napoli before we can even think about competing properly with Chelsea in a few weeks!

    • The question now is whether Hodgson has managed the start of a turnaround in belief. One positive result at home doesn't necessarily mean the creative attacking elements of the team have been released, it could just be down to the genius of Torres being in the right place. I'll be interested to see:

      1. How we do away from home after the Blackburn result (Bolton);
      2. How we do against the next Premier League powerhouse (Chelski).

    • Hey, like I said I'm not doing any cartwheels nor should anyone else. That's 18 straight wins over Blackburn at Anfield and every season, year in year out that should be expected.

      Having said this, it had to be the best collective performance other than maybe 10 men vs Arsenal without Torres.

      This win still keeps us in the bottom and we should have won at least 6-0, instead we were in a frenzy trying to hold 2-1 at the end, and a team like Bolton with 2 huge strikers in Davies and Elmander, and decent midfield play could easily nick that back. The team needs to carry out the first 75 minute performance for 90+ and finish all their chances.

      I don't think Torres goal was luck, he was constantly causing issues in the box, and conversely Cole was sending in alot of good balls finally. Before even thinking about Chelsea, Liverpool need to play full throttle like this and win emphatically vs Bolton and then Napoli to really get confidence high. 3 Wins on the bounce and nothing less can be accepted going in the match vs Chelsea, but I have to be naive and not even look that far at all.

      I can't overlook Bolton, and let's even keep fingers crossed for full health this week in training. I'm looknig for a 4-0 or 5-1 type result. Bolton are a half decent side but still it's LFC standard to double them every season, simple as that..

    • I personally love it that Kyrgiakos is muscling his way into contention. Bought by Rafa for chump change, I saw that a couple of papers had him as MOTM. Would you say there were signs that this kind of endeavour from the team can continue to the next game?

    • I think it's great. There should be competition by every player for every position, and that's what makes a good team great. Just look at the back 4 if healthy for Chelsea, who's going to start:

      Bosingwa, Ferreira, Ivanovic, Alex, Terry, Cole, Zhirkov?

      Other than Cole, none are great, but, 7 proven Epl calibre players for 4 spots.

      Alot of people actually slate the signing of Kyrg by Rafa as a cheap buy and trying to be smug, but if I remember correctly, he was up against it in the window, and we had Skrtel out with a broken jaw, Agger struggling with back issues and Glenda battling his usual frailties and we were desperate for a defender at a cut price. Kyrgiakos played alot of matches in quick succession against some good teams when we were ravaged by injuries and contributed.

      In all honesty, he certainly has a semi-regular place in the side for certain matches vs the likes of Blackburn, Bolton, Stoke etc, who all play with tall players and feed of set pieces and strikers who can head the ball. Furthermore, if he starts this weekend, and puts in another good performance, it could really actually spark some thought for moving Glenda to right wing and keeping Carra at rb. I thought Carra had his best game of the season, playing at rb, and despite his desire to play cb he is severely limited in height and jumping ability as well as lost pace. You need 1 or the other to succeed, and in an ideal world I think Skrtel/Agger would be the starting pair every time because if you look at all the top sides and decent sides they have tall center halves. Even if they are slow, they make up for it with height. Keeping Carra on the pitch still allows him to marshall the back 4, and offer his leadership and experience, but affords him less opportunity to be exposed for height and could be protected with Glen in front of him, while that also adds a great attacking dimension.

      Just a thought, if Kyrgiakos had been playing the Manchester match, would Berbatov have scored 2 easy, unchallenged headers? It's hard to say definitely no because no outcome is predetermined, but certainly food for thought... And with Roy's tactics having Torres marking Berbatov on the match winner, I'd have to say yes..

      Bolton present major problems in the box with Davies and Elmander, so I wouldn't be shocked at all to see him start again..

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