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  • Jason Jason Oct 27, 2010 12:10 Flag

    Reina to United?

    Roy is not the only one in charge of selling players, make no mistake about that. If Torres/Reina/Gerrard name were to be inquired be sure someone above him is certainly going to be involved.

    Saying they are pals, and he would just sell away would almost be cause for treason... it can't happen, it won't happen. Not to mention, despite the fact that fergie and roy boy may have had an amicable relationship over the years, after the most recent game at Old Trafford, Ferguson took many swipes at Liverpool, their play, and Torres... and rightly so, Hodgson did defend his club. I find it hard to believe you can be friends with that man any longer than you have to unless you are superior to him, as Jose was, Ancelotti currently is, or if you were a former player like his little lackies allardyce, bruce, keane etc etc. Nobody else gives a crap what he has to say..

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    • I heard a rumor today that we are going to send Gerrard to Manchester United in January on a free loan deal...

      It's also been suggested we may do a straight swap, Gary Neville for Glen Johnson...

      This will all be publicly announced once NESV appoints Alex Ferguson as the new head chairman to replace Martin Broughton at LFC..