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  • Robert M Robert M Oct 26, 2010 17:27 Flag

    Reina to United?

    I very much doubt it, but I'm sure the thought annoys you :)


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    • Can't see it happening.. However we've a manager whose pal's with Red Nose so wouldn't be too surprised that both Torres & Reina go to Man ure..

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      • Roy is not the only one in charge of selling players, make no mistake about that. If Torres/Reina/Gerrard name were to be inquired be sure someone above him is certainly going to be involved.

        Saying they are pals, and he would just sell away would almost be cause for treason... it can't happen, it won't happen. Not to mention, despite the fact that fergie and roy boy may have had an amicable relationship over the years, after the most recent game at Old Trafford, Ferguson took many swipes at Liverpool, their play, and Torres... and rightly so, Hodgson did defend his club. I find it hard to believe you can be friends with that man any longer than you have to unless you are superior to him, as Jose was, Ancelotti currently is, or if you were a former player like his little lackies allardyce, bruce, keane etc etc. Nobody else gives a crap what he has to say..

    • Not really Robert. Like has been said, it will never ever happen.

    • Highly unlikely as this does have paper talk written all over it. But maybe this is a story Roy himself planted so he has a chance to come out and squash it and try making up for his wishy washy response to the Torres to OT rumors last week.

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      • Wouldn't put it past him mate...

      • Why does anyone even bother reading or half believe this nonsense every week? First it was Torres, now it's Reina, who like Hobs says will be our next captain. Who's next Gerrard, Meireles and Glen? Why don't we just do a full squad swap?

        If our team is so poor and full of poor players, and Manchester still think they are the best and can attract the best players in the world, isn't it quite contradictory to be coming after ours?
        I mean surely Fletcher/Carrick are both better than Gerrard, Neville/Brown/O'shea better than Glen, Berbatov better than Torres..

        This stuff shouldn't even be allowed to be printed. And just think if Manchester can still attract the best talent in the world, how come in the summer when Ferguson was said to be aggressively pursuing Ozil, Ozil said he was staying in Germany and very happy, and only a few weeks later he moved to Real the minute Madrid made an offer? Ozil has been a spectacular signing for Madrid to add salt to the wound... They paid 11 mill for Ozil and Fergie paid 7mill for a guy named Bebe... how's that for irony

    • With fergie's mole at the helm at anfield trying out all kinds destabilization tactics (rubbish negative footie, outrageous and demoralizing utterances), it is no surprise that the old whiskynose has the guts to want to go for Pepe.

      Roy the mole knows he's managerial days at anfield are numbered, so he might as well try to help his old pal strengthen his squad. But it won't work, of course.

    • I have had United fans grilling me all morning about this rubbish. He has a 5 and 1/2 yr contract remaining and loves it here, he will be captain in 4 years. He was meant to be going Arsenal for £25m 2 months ago and that was when we needed the money. I think they will end up with Akinfeyeev or LLoris but theyll be paying near £20m for keepers who could potentialy be as good/better then Reina.

    • Just paper talk that annoying Robert, I swear they draw players and teams out of hats to make up transfer rumours. ;oD

    • I'd be highly disappointed in Roy Hodgson if he ever sold any of our players to 'manure turd'........even Lucas!

    • Not really coz it ain@t gonna happen!