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  • Imran Imran Oct 30, 2010 02:56 Flag

    So who is to blame for Hodgson's start to the season?


    ... and was the Blackburn game the start of a turnaround in all the points that concern us? This article makes a lot of points against that happening and my main question is can a man who's made so many godawful statements & who has singularly failed to understand Liverpool FC, despite being English, show the balls to not let the pressure of managing England's most successful club get to him as it has done recently?

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    • Imram clearly there is no debate with you. Your tinted glasses cloud the topic, shrek is not a good player or signing. And I wasn't whinging, I was answering your question. So you stick with your screwed up version of things and we can go in different directions.

    • Every manager makes bad signings - for every Rooney & Ronaldo theres a Veron & Forlan, etc etc. You gonna carry on whinging about players who didn't do that well at a top club (not unheard of in the world of football) & most of whom were sold at a profit, or are you gonna ignore the players that Rafa did sign? Do I need to list them for you?

    • Rijkaard will be a bad mistake. Yes he did well at Barca, anyone could have done well with the players he had available.

      In fact he underachieved, and that is why he got the sack.

      His replacement (with no prior management experience at senior level) has delivered more trophies in a shorter timespan! What does that tell you?

    • He is.. Hodgson.. he's out of his depth.. We should've been hitting the ground running after finishing 2nd in the league.. Yet he clearly hasn't got them up for it.. That falls on his shoulders.. He simply isn't up to the task in hand.. lets get a better man in..

    • Well, yes. Success in one of the big European leagues and in the premier European competition indicate a proven ability to handle life in the big names of world football, of which I believe we are still one of... just about.

    • Roy is to blame for our bad start due to his unbelievably negative, mid-table, underdog tactics that is totally unsuitable for the team. The squad is nowhere as bad as the really bad start seems to indicate. Roy, for some reason best known to him, kept the team on a leash for 8 league games and that brought us down to the league basement with a loud THUD. We all saw a bit what the team can do once the leash has been removed against blackburn.
      This team, in my opinion, is still good enough to challenge for the title. Whether Roy can keep the leash off for the rest of the season remains to be seen.

    • Imram, in answer to your thread.
      There are 4 breakdowns in the start to this season.
      (1) The Boardroom, inept management and structure, along with power struggles and financial meltdown all caused issues throughout the club. Hopefully, the introduction of new owners and structure can stabilise the club.
      (2) Rafa, lost sight of the goal after the season we came 2nd, got complacent in attitude and signings and the wheels started coming off the bus. Also, not helped by his part in the power struggles.
      (3) The Players are culpable too, their performances through training and matchdays doesn't equate to the sum they are paid. Poor return and poorly managed.
      (4) And lastly Roy, didn't hit the ground running, didn't do his homework on the club, the players and the club methods. As a consequence was found wanting on tactics and formations. Still not sure he has scouting and purchasing under control. And he certainly is at fault for some of the dribble he sprouts at media time.

      The last 18 months have been a soap opera, and I don't think its over yet.

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      • Mysteron I have a few questions about some of your answers:

        1. I understand all too well about the owners & the board. What do you think of Rick Parry's role as chairman while Rafa was manager? I only ask as I understand Parry was responsible for Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Pato & Simao Sabrosa NOT coming to Anfield, among others.

        2. How did Rafa drop the ball last season when, regarding Johnson, Aquilani & Voronin:
        a) he bought Johnson as a 'homegrown' player in line with UEFAs policy for the coming season in Europe & wanted a more attacking right back, compared to Arbeloa, for his 'overlapping wing backs' policy;
        b) he bought Aquilani to replace Alonso, that much is acknowledged. However the medical expert who assessed Aquilani's injury didn't realise it would take longer for him to get physically fit - do you think Aquilani's purchase was right, especially looking at how he's doing for Juventus?
        c) he had his cash for a new striker taken away by the rednecks. It meant he had to get Voronin back from Hertha Berlin where he was on loan & doing well. Unfortunately he proved to be as useful as the Pope's balls when he was back (especially against Lyon in the CL group game) which is why he was out on loan in the first place!

        3. If 8 of the players who played against Blackpool this season also played at Old Trafford when the Mancs were thrashed 4-1, why such a difference in performance & result? Do you expect players to play to their best, whatever the system?

        4. Roy doesn't have the pedigree & approach to Liverpool that is necessary to get us fighting for the remaining cups this season, much less get us back to competing for CL places. But. even tho it's only one result, is Hodgson capable of turning it around? Have I missed something in Hodgson's 'abilities' that would work for us when playing the likes of Chelski - compared to someone like Rijkaard who is a proven winner at La Liga & CL level?

        I really want us to turn the corner but Hodgson looks and acts like a dead man walking. Weakness & acquiescence oozing out of every pore with no inspiration and again this season, as with last, we are relying on Torres to carry us thru with no one bought to help share the leading of the attack. I ask again, as good as Meireles may prove to be for us, why wasn't the money spent on him used on a striker & Aquilani kept, especially as he was not only physically fit but now match fit?

    • I think a spell of gardening leave would do Woy the world of good .

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      • There's a danger of falling into complacency about our situation. I put the link on my thread as the writer fully believes that Hodgson is a leopard who would rather curl up & die than change the spots that he feels have kept him in this business for the last 35 yrs - & that, if Hodgson thinks that what he's getting now is pressure then he should look at what Rafa had to put up with from the vegetables in the British press.

        The question is, can he oversee a turnaround in our fortunes where, at the very least, we would be challenging for a trophy or 2 in addition to going for 4th. After looking at his record, & that of someone like Frank Rijkaard, I really don't think so but I'm open to hearing other opinions.