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  • Loki Loki Nov 1, 2010 18:29 Flag

    3 points from 5th, 5 from 4th, not as bad as it seems?

    No-one (except that monumental imbecile P*ssley) would have expected us to win the league this year. Yes we have been sh*te, yes it has been forty odd quid down the pan to see the reds this year, but anyone who thinks we don't have a good chance of finishing in the top four is mistaken surely?

    We've got rid of the cattle rapists once and for all, we've got a few bob to stengthen in January. I think te first 3 places are a foregone conclusion boys, but City are not united (if you'll forgive the pun!) and Tottenham have half the squad missing through injury and aren't used to the CL yet.

    Don't write us off for 4th just yet, although obviously I won't be satisfied with that.

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    • And 3 points off relegation zone ... 1/2 full, 1/2 empty view.

    • hahaha what's this? the old "in waffa we twust" muppets all on the same thread? lol just kidding, but good to see the old guard.... jose, for one, believes that this squad is capable of pushing top 4 only if the following things happen:

      a. the team plays second string in the europa league
      b. torres remains relatively injury-free the rest of the season
      c. woy is replaced by an available coach with fresh ideas and good man-managements skills to invigorate the current squad and also with the reputation/ability to attract top players.. thinking klinsmann here

      in the long term, the new owners need to focus on stadium development, perhaps even collaborate with everton on the ground-share idea, and then work on marketing the lfc brand... obrigado friends!!

    • Hey herps, I agree all is not completely lost yet for this season......and a result this weekend would be a big confident booster.

      The boys got the result on the weekend but still looked bereft of ideas for most of the game and, until Nando's moment of magic, another draw looked on the cards. They ground it out and credit to them.

      Against the Chavs I think the worry is containing Drogba. His record against us is very very good.

    • No doubt things look a little brighter today, but I'd not get our hopes up too much as still a lot of work to do IMO, but your right there is no reason we cannot climb from where we are and make an assault on the top 4.

      The only thing I'd pull you up on is that I don't think the top 3 are a lock. The top 1 maybe as unless Chelsea gets hit by an injury crisis I don't see anyone catching them. But below that I think things could be a lot more fluid than they have been in a long time.

      Arsenal look like usual to me, which means they could flatter until March and end up the proverbial runners up, I'd say there is no guarantee they won't feel the pressure coming from behind them.

      City I agree don't look united. I think they are going to be top 4, but they could flame out also. Big question is will Mancini survive, and what tricks do they have up their sleeves in Jan. D they buy and start getting a real team, or do they buy and just add more ego's to an explosive dressing room.

      Spurs look good enough when they are on form, but your right injuries at the back could kill them. I wonder if Harry will be given any more money to strengthen his back 4 which he needs badly, but what is the limit of Levy's wallet?

      And lastly I think the Manc wheels are not on as tight as many would like us to believe. I still expect them to finish up in the top 4, but I'd say there is an outside possibility they could fall out. So far despite going undefeated they just don't have that air of inevitability about them. And, if you peel back the squad IMO its looking a little frail. Hernandez looks like he's been a good buy, but will he look that way come Jan or Feb? If Rooney does not get his form back and the young Mexican does not like the cold rain where do the goals come from? Nani has looked very good unfortunately, but he won't get Clattenberg every week, and they better hope he does not get injured as he's the most creative player they have IMO. But the real worry they should have is they just don't look solid in the back line. That has been a Utd staple, and if it is beginning to crack then the question is does Fergie really have the financial support of the owners to buy some really expensive polly filla?

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      • Good post, Dave.
        I'd just like to throw one more observation in about the mancs.
        We saw in this latest game that Carrick is not really doing it for them in midfield anymore. That leaves them seemingly relying on Scholes and Fletcher to anchor the middle of the park while Gibson languishes on the bench, if that. Plus, they are relying on Giggs to provide the "magic" to compensate for the ineffective Anderson and workhorse Park.
        Scholes will be found wanting against speedier, high pressing midfields and Giggs has certainly lost a couple of yards this season.
        Not that promising, especially if Namby gets injured and joins Valencia on the sidelines.
        As you say, those wheels are starting to sound quite squeaky; almost as squeaky as a certain scouse forward who I think will be off to Spain come the end of the season, if not in January.