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  • M M Nov 2, 2010 18:20 Flag


    Part of me thinks that Rafa has every right to defend himself, and the other part of me thinks that managers should have a little more respect for each other and that Rafa should move on.

    We all know about the squad that Roy inherited - we don't need him to tell us about its short-comings - its there for us all to see. if he was unhappy with the squad, then get on with it, and make do with the players that you have....

    Under Rafa we were challenging for the top places and were consistently in the champions league final stages - we were unlucky not to have won two league championships under him. sadly, it all fell apart in the last season - but we must remember that other teams were improving - City and Tottenham - and things weren't right in the boardroom - distractions that ultimately led to Rafa's downfall. Remember H&G were looking to replace him two seasons ago with Klinsmann - behind his back! - not the sort behaviour you would expect from the board

    Sure, Roy needs time to put his mark on the team, but he should just get on with it and stop blaming Rafa....Sure, Rafa bought some dud players (did he always sanction those purchases), but at least under his management, we were challenging....