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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 2, 2010 20:38 Flag


    "Liverpool has always been about doing things gracefully and properly, but after Hicks and Gillett, we now also have a manager whose mission it seems is to make us the laughing stock of the footballing world."

    funny, how you blame h& g and hodgson but leave waffa out of this.... FACT, WAFFA started airing dirty laundry in public, not h&g.... sure they went behind his back to get klinsmann and he should've gone to them/board if he felt aggrieved..... but no, he went straight to the media to garner the 'blind support' from dull-headed muppets like you...... thereby dragging the club's name through the mud and turning it into laughing stock... remember the FACTS rant, which led to a whipping by united? remember accusing drogba of diving leading to drogba scoring a brace and dumping lfc out of the CL? waffa needs to keep his big, ugly gob shut!!

    "Rafa never ever referred to Gerrard Houllier sorely because the blame game really does not help anything or anybody"

    are you right in the head? that squad won the CL, UEFA cups.... calamity dudek as you put it, single-handedly won the shootout and was promptly rewarded by being sold....

    it is clear now.... you are no liverpool supporter.. you are just a part of the 'in waffa we twust' bandwagon.... why don't you go support inter then? it's already unraveling there... a TREBLE-WINNING team with possibly the best player in the world - sneijder, best goalie - cesar, best righback - maicon, best strikers - eto'o, milito, best holding - cambiasso, etc, etc... the list goes on.... FIVE back-to-back titles.. now they are already 2nd and slipping further... already lost the super cup... watch waffa the muppet dismantle that great team put together by the master - mourinho..... obrigado tw@t!!!

    • JOSE...U post is spot-on mate...Benitez is the true reason for why we are wallowing in the nether regions of Prem...its clear Inter will fade this season under his mismanagement...look at what Spurs did to them last night !
      He has no right to attack Roy in the press...Roywas never my choicefornew boss but Benitez had six seasons in chargehere with a guaranteed five year contract.Roy has been in charge for a few games and I spose is doing the best he can with a very disenchanted squad that he inherited fromTHE MUPPET. However wouldcertainlyprefer tosee King Kenny take charge asap.