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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 3, 2010 04:42 Flag


    You were warned, and now you are ignored. how about that, eh? obrigado friend!!

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    • jose couldn't give a toss what you do, newbie muppet..... jose has been here a lot longer than you have, and is the most decorated poster on these boards..... ignore the people's "marquis" at your own peril... now bury your head under the sand like the coward that you are and pretend everything was alright the last six years.. good riddance.. obrigado!!

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      • Jose, fair point. Rafa needs to move on as well and concentrate on his own but you need to get over your hatred for the man. Let him ramble on like an idiot...I mean wtf is the priest and the sugar all about??? Just get over it and stop posting crap about him all the time and focus on the club rather than its ex-employees.

        As for being rude to fellow posters...are you not able to handle someone disagreeing with you? God this board is full of some very sensitve people lately who want everyone to agree with them...very very boring people!