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    N'Zogbia & Adam

    Apparently we are now being linked with January moves for Charles N'Zogbia and Blackpool's Charlie Adam....

    Both are good players, and Adam is currently a player in form - 3 goals and 3 assists to date.

    Not sure that either of these players will set the first team alight - but will undoubtedly be welcome additions to the squad as a whole.

    If anything, I think that the mere fact that we are being linked to these players shows that we can no longer attract the top top players - there was a time when we were being linked to players like David Silva and David Villa - those days are long gone....

    Having said that, I do like Adam as a player and think that he be a useful squad player.

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    • Wesley Sneijder just re-signed a new 3 year deal to stay with Inter Milan, so we can forget about that one unless he falls out of favor, but I doubt Rafa would sell to us anyways..

      Sad thing is, last year when both Sneijder and Arjen Robben were deemed surplus and discarded by Real Madrid, and snapped up by Inter and Bayern respectively, Rafa could have purchased both for the total amount he spent on Aquilani... we could have filled 2 tremendous needs and scored more goals and assists in abundance over one injured "supposed star" who now wants to stay in Italy. Shrewd piece of business by Rafa there..

      As for Kranjcar, I think he would be a nice addition and can add some depth, but I don't see him as a game changer or a true winger. He's like a slightly faster Dirk Kuyt with maybe a little more creativity. I'd take him for a cut price, but not overpay and sacrifice money that could go to 3 top class players..

    • we are also being linked with niko krancjar anyone any thoughts on that anyone know when wesley sneijders contract is up and does he have a buy out clause

    • Hamsik wouldn't be a particularly good investment right now I think. He's not a natural wide player, he can play there, but he really excels in central attacking positions as his biggest quality is scoring from midfield. He's basically like a young Gerrard/Lampard, likes to shoot a lot. If I'm not mistaken Arsenal were linked with him when Fabregas was supposed to leave.

    • I think we would be looking at a bit more than £10-12m


      I would love to sign him though!

    • I thought so mate. That happens to me too sometimes lol

    • thats the one dan typing quicker than the brain can think

    • Lets not get caught up in manager talk unless we are getting a new one which we arent.
      Roysten Drenthe is in the same boat as Babel, promised the world and delivered nothing. He had to be removed from Real Madrid line ups because he couldnt handle the booing. He transferred to Hercules and is enjoying a rennaisance of sorts but is not the answer any of us are looking for,
      Wayne Bridge may be a slight improvement on Koncheskey but only slight, if ever anyone was to talk off average players then heres one.
      The Masch money is £10.5m lighter having brought in Meireles so theres not a lot left. We have some money to spend and a speedy winger will without doubt be our first addition.

    • Yep I think you're right there Hobz, Kelly has never dissapointed when given an chance. That's the problem for me though, he hasn't been given enough chances. I know we have had two wins but I still am not happy that Carra has been playing right back. Not due to him or any of the other defenders playing badly, I just think that is has been the perfect chance to give Kelly some more game time with Johnson being out injured. IMO Kelly should be number two right back. If Johnson doesn't play then Kelly should, simple as that.

    • what about the vucinic link and how about contreao lots of speculation going on at the minute

      all on the official lfc website in transfer gossip if anyone wants to take a look

      YNWA 96

    • Of course if a player is injured he wont play. That applies to every player, guess? We have new owners and I suppose they, like all of us, want to see the team progress. I am supposing that we can also bring in a bit of money by selling some of the junk that we have, plus an contribution that the owners may put in. Whatever happened with Masch's money? And I also like the idea of Ashley Young. But I also think that there is need for a change of manager before the transfer window. Bring in someone who can start planning for that transfer period. Woy will bring in Zamora, Calton Cole etc.

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