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  • "If anything, I think that the mere fact that we are being linked to these players shows that we can no longer attract the top top players - there was a time when we were being linked to players like David Silva and David Villa - those days are long gone...."

    being linked to being the operative phrase here.... realistically no top player EVER came to liverpool thanks to waffa's muppetry.. the only one that did came early on, especially since he was a liverpool fan - torres...... being linked to doesn't mean anything.. it was waffa with his awful man management that ended players wanting to come to anfield... all his ex players hate the muppet.....

    the links will begin again when the club are back in the CL... that is all that matters... obrigado!!!

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    • I think most are doing Adam a disservice here, he's been pretty much one of the players of the season so far....he's far outweighed any expectation placed on him. Good on the lad, he deserves any link to any top club.

    • the point of my post was to highlight two players that we are being linked to at the moment.....the point of the post wasn't to apportion blame on anyone - whether on Rafa, Roy or the previous owners....

      we all know your thoughts on Rafa - how about your thoughts in relation to the position we are in now, and the players that we are being linked to today.....thank you!

    • Jose rafa's gone...ffs get over it!!!

      Sorry but Adams is not Liverpool quality so thanks but no thanks. Anyway, I wouldn't put signing a centre midfielder top of the shopping list.

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      • Not sure after 10 games in the league you can say Adam is not Liverpool quality.....For me, he can only be judged on his contribution, and so far he's scored 3 goals and he's got 3 assists - these are all vital goals from midfield that we are lacking at the moment.....As for N'Zogbia - he'd fit in nicely on the left, either as left back or more attacking - which may free up Cole who has been out of sorts on the left.

        I do agree that a centre midfielder isn't a position we should be looking to fill - I'd be more interested in us bringing in a striker to play up with Torres. I've always said that we need a player like Miroslav Klose who can score and be a physical presence up front - a superb foil for somebody like Torres. I'd actually settle for somebody like John Carew. Having mentioned Klose, it would be interesting to see what Podolski could bring to Liverpool - his goalscoring record isn't anything to write home about, but the crucial thing is that he brings other players into play....

      • Daniel B. I would tend to agree with you on that. I watched Charlie Adam on Monday night, and Ok he scored a pen but apart from that he was aweful. Do we really need any more mediocre players. N'Zogbia was poor at Newcastle and has'nt been any better at Wigan.
        On the internet today I am reading that West Ham are ready to off load Carlton Cole to us because he has fallen down the pecking order at West Ham. FFS why oh why would we want a player that is'nt first choice for the bottom of the league.

        We need to aim much higher with our ambitions if we are to get back to the side we used to be.