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  • Jason Jason Nov 5, 2010 03:01 Flag

    This is Roy's Strong Side?

    J. Reina G. Johnson J. Carragher S. Kyrgiakos P. Konchesky C. Poulsen J. Spearing J. Shelvey Raul Meireles M. Jovanovic D. N'Gog

    Subs - S. Gerrard M. Škrtel M. Kelly D. Wilson Lucas N. Eccleston M. Hansen

    So if we are tied or down looking for a goal please tell me where it's coming from?? No Torres, no Pacheco, no Babel.. Love Meireles on the right wing completely out of position instead of helping him improve for Sunday in his natural cm spot..

    If by fielding a strong squad, he meant the almost normal back 4 and Pepe, I must be confused about what the word "strong" means..

    Napoli are starting their regular Serie A squad, Hamsik, Cavanni, Levezzi ..

    I cannot take this anymore..

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    • And why on earth have three defenders on the bench? They aren't exactly the game changer we would be looking for if we need a goal. Ridiculous!

    • I was amazed how we played in the 1st half, If you took away the red shirts you would think it was Fulham.
      The only thing to say is "Thank God we have S. Gerrard" he manages to get us out of trouble and lift the team. The whole team came alive after he came on.
      Oh by the way where is Pacheco has RH fallen out with him as not aware of any injury?.

    • Dan, guess it did work out afterall. I think that's how Roy drew it up in training, Stevie grabbing a 22 minute hat-trick to rescue us..

      I got to thinking last night, and I'm presuming he wanted to rest Jovan in case Kuyt's ankle causes problems, because if he's not playing Pacheco and Babel is hurt we're terribly thin at wingers now as well as striker. Jovan actually seemed like he was having one of his best games yet, so that was encouraging..

    • I'm almost positive he did play for a brief time in the Steau or Utrecht match.. maybe someone else can confirm...?

      This is why I am in 100% complete agreeance with you. If nothing else, he could have started alongside Ngog, instead of Ngog, or been on the bench.. because to be quite frank, nobody in their wildest dreams expected a 23 minute hattrick from Steven... and I was baffled as to where goals would come from outside of Ngog. Torres could have used even 20 minutes to clip a counter attack goal, and do wonders for him going into Sunday..

    • I'd be delighted with a brace!

      Any thoughts on who the starting back 4 will be Sunday?

      Either Skrtel was rested or this was prep for Chelsea...

    • I wasn't sure whether had played already or not - my memory with regards to the early part of this season is very hazy indeed. I'm having difficulty recalling just what the heck happened from August through to October!

      If he has played than that makes Roy's decision not to play him tonight (alongside Ngog) even more inexplicable. Surely he could have done with a confidence booster - even if he was on for 20 odd minutes.

    • I think Hodgy's policy as he has been using the kids in the UEFA since the start of the season.

      I would have preferred to have seen Torres come on and pick up a brace but that would have made him cup tied? Very worrying!

    • You're right, he played against Utrecht.

      Oh well, if Torres gets a hat-trick on Sunday then Roy won't have to explain himself to me.

    • Mr. Smith, could you explain what you meant by cup tied in regards to Torres? He has played in another Europa match I believe, and usually when teams are concerned about a cup tied player it's when they are considering purchasing or releasing them... Is there something else you meant, I'm probably misunderstanding it..