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  • MATTHEW MATTHEW Nov 5, 2010 05:00 Flag

    Poulson = being a man down

    after watching tonights game and being relieved at the result, gerrard saves us again

    What did Poulson do ?? we may as well be a man down than having him on the pitch. The only reason Poulson doesnt make mistakes is because he does nothing at all

    bit of a rant I appologise but he was worse than awfull tonight

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    • Hahaha yeah I'm waiting for his lottery predictions along with his take on the 'War on Terror'...

    • I'm just speculating, but that late in the ball game with the window shutting and not being able to find the striker he wanted, when I personally, and alot of others think it was a winger or creative player he should have been seeking, VDV should have been as high a priority as it gets. Hell, I'd have had Kuyt call him personally and offer for his wife to cook dinner every night for the rest of the season... VDV has what 7 - 8 goals already?

      I like Cole and think he can come good, but is there any doubt that VDV and Torres could have created something special just a little bit better than VDV and errr Crouch or Pavlyuchenko??

      And, yes, rest assured, Roy has plenty more of silly things to say, we're barely into the season, and afterall, with the owners watching and us thoroughly beaten in the Merseyside Derby he thought we were the better team. And, tomorrow I'll wake up with a million dollars in my pocket...

    • Jason I think your point about VDV saying no is probably bang on the money, especially as we couldn't offer him CL footy. Still doesn't explain why 'Codgson' would be prepared to come out with a comment as stupid as that which leaves him open to ridicule.

      Actually, this far into his tenure, I have to ask if he's likely to come out with any more witless comments but I think I know the answer to that one!

    • Lets be honest lads / lasses..

      No good player will wanna come to us whilst Hodgson is manager..

      If we had a good manager we'd have had VDV & Young.. or either..

      Hodgson is now our weak link and will prevent any good players wanting to come here..

    • To be fair no one wanted to come to us in the summer. It sucks to hear someone like Luke Young came out and said he was glad he didn't join us.

    • Yes Imran, that was our fearless leader who said that as the window shut and Spurs won his signature. I guess a player with 7 goals in 10 somewhat matches really isn't what we needed. Perhaps Roy said that because VDV said no thanks..?

      Anyhow, I just threw out the first couple of names that came to mind and were within the region of what we could have purchased if we had spent a little more on top of the 5 wasted on the player whose name I will no longer mention..

      5 million for him, 11 million for Ozil.. (shaking my head)

    • I'll happily run naked across the park if we turn chelsea over. Especially if Henry's missus is in the crowd.

    • Didn't Hodgson say that Van Der Vaart "didn't fit the profile of the kind of player" that he wanted? Reckon Hodgson's motto is 'strength thru adversity' as these are pretty adverse conditions we are in, despite the win tonight.

      If we get something against Chelski I'll hold my hand up and acknowledge that we may have turned a corner.

    • Just look at this beautiful backwards header right into the path of the Napoli counter attack... Nothing but pure class..


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