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  • Miguel Miguel Nov 11, 2010 05:59 Flag

    What a wonderful night !

    Frustrating, isn´t it John?

    Poor managerial tactics all round tonight from Woy. His worst offense for me was the backing off we did for seventy minutes. Allowed Wigan to come on which they did of course. A lucky point imo.

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    • No Miguel you are wrong !

      I used to think like you but everyone on this board has enlightened me in the ways of mediocrity & the pleasures of dropping points to allow inexperienced little boys run around in the fresh air .

      There is no pleasure in the masculine amassing goals a plenty , clean sheets galore & hoarding points greedily .

      You must Join us Miguel in the all new caring sharing steadied ship , transitional period , problems off the field , it will take time , 5 year plan LFC !

      This is not the 80's you know & league titles are so out of fashion , get with the times Miguel !

      May God bless the children & all who benefit from scoring against us !