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  • Jason Jason Nov 11, 2010 08:04 Flag

    What a wonderful night !

    John, you've about summed up my thoughts during and after the match in a well crafted sarcastic summary which I truly appreciate and can say for once, am in 100% full agreement with you.

    Perhaps you can keep your good journalistic view going and explain to me, or maybe someone else, anyone else, WHY THE FCUK is Jovanovic even on the bench if he's never going to play??????????????????????????

    If Meireles was injured and had to come off at half then certainly switching Maxi to the right and putting on Jovan to the left would have made perfect sense... but no, he played Jonjo out there where he looked like a deer in head lights and completed more passes to Wigan and the stands than he did to Red.

    AND THEN after dropping a goal, trying to chase one back, we bring on our most worthless, slowest player in the squad to hold I don't know what, instead of bringing on perhaps our fastest player to help aid Gerrard and Torres in attack.....

    Why Roy WHY???????

    If we had won this one, and drawn to Stoke, I could have said ok..fine 4 pts from 6, 2 away and a very long 2 weeks job well done.. but now our 2 best players were run ragged again, Jovan is collecting dust and FCUK ALL!!

    • Jason ,

      How do you expect Roy to be all things to all people if he stops putting himself & his position first .

      Roy has a responsibility to all things & all people & must please them in accordance with the Nature of the Goddess .

      How is he expected to do that by behaving masculine & beastly & making single minded decisions that are in conflict with the Moon Child as she enters Aries ?

      Surely you cant expect him to sacrifice the Children , Oh Goddess Please wont someone think of the poor poor children !!!? for the sake of points , Goals , Clean sheets , & the dreaded league after so many years avoiding the beastly thing ?

      No Jason you must repent your triumph lusting ways that the Evil Shankly & his disciples Paisley , Fagan & Dalglish deceived us into desiring by giving us nights of joy that formed our characters which we will be unable to forget for the rest of our lives at the expense of our inner Goddess !

      Repent Jason & Join us in our ever so slow rise , our steadied ship , our safe pair of hands , our all new modern LFC that is free from the past & its sinfully proud & victorious ways .

      We are the all new all caring all sharing LFC & mid table stability shall be the battle cry that sees us avoid the blessed relegation which the Goddess in her Kindness has so sweetly tempted us with .

      Alas , the way Roy is over performing we shall acquire the dreaded 50 points that will see us remain in the Ghastly Premier League for another season but if we all grow breasts between now & next season perhaps we shall be blessed with relegation & released from the vile pursuit or Trophy hunting .

      We can only hope .

      God Bless the Children & all who contribute to our cause by scoring against us .....

      And Please Please Please

      Dont forget to spare a thought for the children !!!!!

    • So if we come out and win at Stoke and thus have the 4 points from these two games will that still be OK?
      As for Jova, well he has been just about total shyte a la Babel so why would we be wanting to bring him on the pitch? He seems to be another case of just how many chances do you give the guy to phuck up before you finally realize that he is useless.