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  • ajay ajay Nov 11, 2010 08:57 Flag

    What a wonderful night !

    So if we come out and win at Stoke and thus have the 4 points from these two games will that still be OK?
    As for Jova, well he has been just about total shyte a la Babel so why would we be wanting to bring him on the pitch? He seems to be another case of just how many chances do you give the guy to phuck up before you finally realize that he is useless.

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    • Ajay,
      I hate to be negative, but based on the news reported from Roy after the match, that many of his players are not fit still - Glen, Babel, Ngog, Kyrgiakos, Aurelio, Agger, and Meireles had to be removed after 45 playing through a severe illness, if we are lucky enough to go into the Britannia, vs a healthy, physical side who just scored 3 vs BHC, who we barely struggled 0-0 with and WIN, then yes I will say it's been an ok week, in reverse fashion than I'd have prefered.

      As for Jovan, I am not a swan singing his song or pleading his case, but a handful of us, including myself have labeled him as rubbish, but then again we've only seen him in a few starts and maybe 8 games max... certainly he can't be lumped in just yet with Babel. And, again for a team like Wigan who enjoy to try a wide open game and play along the floor, aka football, why wouldn't he at least be given 10-15 minutes when we started to show a little steam in claiming a late victory?

      If he's had enough time for you or anyone to really judge him, that's fine, he's no good, but why then, is he in the bench, when players we all prefer like a certain Pacheco are not, and then not even used.

      We couldn't complete 3 passes in a row for a period of time, nor could Shelvey or anyone other than Torres or Gerrard run past a Wigan player for a vast majority of the 2nd half, when obviously it was still a wide open game for the taking, at least to Wigan it was... There was no harm in playing Jovan at that point to at the very least help with some pace, force Wigan backwards and maybe help Stevie and Torres in the fast breaks they created on 0.0 fumes of energy.

      We might as well have a 3 man bench, goalie, and 2 def mids, one of which couldn't beat a legless man in a race.. I will say of the 3 subs, eccleston was the most positive and most likely to do anything positive, but he came on last and only had what 6 minutes? Not much time for a kid to get any rhythm with players who've run and played their a$$ off for 85 minutes..

      This one is all on Roy... Oh and by the way, how would we have dealt if Carra had picked up a second yellow or got a red for a few of his questionable challenges with 0 defenders on the bench??

      I feel lucky to have left DW with a point when it could have been 4-1 Wigan.. 1-1 flatters us based on the run of play for 30 mins in the 2nd half. If someone saw something else please let me know.. I'm generally an extremely positive, glass full kinda guy. THIS WAS RUBBISH, case closed.

      Off to Brittania we go.. our best players gassed or ill, and the youngsters in horrible form.