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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 16, 2010 23:03 Flag

    Bread & water today , Cake & Leamonade tomorrow

    Got to agree with him on Jan transfer window the players are normally overpriced then...Think we will see two players that can help stevis and fernando but no superstars and a few future prospects in the youngster mode...As far as woy goes I think if we lose to another mediocre team and he hears the wrath of the supporters he will make a move....Henry is not H&G and so arrogant that he won't change his opinion....Henry is learning the game but does understand supporter loyalty he knows that the red sox give NESV time but not Woy...Woy should go and I think Henry will do that sooner rather than later he knows the value of fan support and the tradition of LFC....Henry wants his legacy to be the man who brought a championship to LFC just as he did with the Red Sox after a 89 year drought.....

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    • My thoughts too Scouse. Let´s wait and see if we are right.

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      • John, you imply forcibly that Henry is not exhibiting "winning" characteristics, "simply a cheapskate yank out to make a profit"
        If that is so, then how come the red sox were returned to glory after 89 years? I respect your opinions but give the man a chance to succeed by his definition and not necessarily ours. It´s far too early to judge him yet imo and to label him a rodent is a tad harsh surely or have you some information on him I haven´t seen?
        In Scotland we have an expression "Fools and bairns shouldn´t see a job half done" and this job isn´t even half started yet as far as I can see and Henry has said. I don´t rate Hodgson any more than you do but I´m prepared to give a guy like Henry the benefit of the doubt when he says he is backing him at this stage. Personally, as I´ve already said, I don´t think he will be our manager much longer. Men like Henry don´t get to where they are by poor personnel selection and if Woy has to go, then he surely will. Finally, guys like Henry could make more profitable investments than a premier league club and even if profit is the motive, who can argue with that? It won´t be profitable unless we do win leagues and trophies and he knows that as well as we do.