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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Nov 17, 2010 19:23 Flag

    Big Night Tonight ....

    No doubt he'll be sold on just like our other prospects.. Dalle Valle springs to mind.. Then watch then become big stars later on at out expense..

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    • Big Stars where ?

      Rochdale ?

      Fact is that is a player hasn't developed enough to produce the required standard under pressure in our senior squad by the time he has reached a certain age then he has to be moved on to give the next guy behind him a chance .

      There is no shortage of talented kids & they have to be sifted through , it has always been that way & it always will be that way .

      If a player who we release as a 21 year old goes on to win over 77 international caps , score over 17 international goals & Captain his Country at a World Cup , win the Champions League , FA , League cup , UEFA Cup , Super Cup , numerous PFA & Football Writers Player of the year awards & finish in the top ten of both the Ballon D'or & FIFA World Player of the year like Gerrard has then I will think about Dalle Vale , Riche Partridge , Stephen Wright or whoever else we released that you think is better .

      Some people just cant see a priest on a mountain of sugar !

      Sacre Bleu !