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  • John John Nov 17, 2010 19:50 Flag

    Big Night Tonight ....

    Big Stars where ?

    Rochdale ?

    Fact is that is a player hasn't developed enough to produce the required standard under pressure in our senior squad by the time he has reached a certain age then he has to be moved on to give the next guy behind him a chance .

    There is no shortage of talented kids & they have to be sifted through , it has always been that way & it always will be that way .

    If a player who we release as a 21 year old goes on to win over 77 international caps , score over 17 international goals & Captain his Country at a World Cup , win the Champions League , FA , League cup , UEFA Cup , Super Cup , numerous PFA & Football Writers Player of the year awards & finish in the top ten of both the Ballon D'or & FIFA World Player of the year like Gerrard has then I will think about Dalle Vale , Riche Partridge , Stephen Wright or whoever else we released that you think is better .

    Some people just cant see a priest on a mountain of sugar !

    Sacre Bleu !

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