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  • John John Nov 17, 2010 03:27 Flag

    Big Night Tonight ....

    For our very own TEENAGER Danny Wilson who is making his senior debut for Scotland .

    I know he isnt a munchkin & only has pale skin & a not very extravagant name or hair do but he is still only a boy & I'm sure he would welcome your best wishes & maybe checking him out on Sky Sports .

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    • If a player is ambitious & hungry like he has to be at a big club then he will play in any position asked of him & he will impress by working hard & delivering the basics consistently without fail .

      He will do that to make sure the Manager knows that when the time comes that an opportunity arises to fill his favorite position the manager will give him a chance at it .

      Babel has made mugs of us all with his laziness , dishonesty , lack of pride & lack of ambition .

      He is the perfect example of what buying young foreign players for the future will get you , he is a disgrace to our club & some of the honest hard working ambitious proud players we have released during his time like Guthrie at Newcastle .

    • As long as we don't live to regret it and getting rid of him comes back to bite us on the arse..

      I guess thats always the risk when you get rid of players..

    • He used to play predominantly as the Left Forward of a 4-3-3 formation so cutting in was always his game although without the work ethic. Sometimes he would play as a support striker and he does have undoubted ability. Hes had his fair share of chances and hes never done it. He will go to a smaller team, play week in week out and shine and score goals aplenty once his confidence is up.

    • No doubt he'll be sold on just like our other prospects.. Dalle Valle springs to mind.. Then watch then become big stars later on at out expense..

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      • Big Stars where ?

        Rochdale ?

        Fact is that is a player hasn't developed enough to produce the required standard under pressure in our senior squad by the time he has reached a certain age then he has to be moved on to give the next guy behind him a chance .

        There is no shortage of talented kids & they have to be sifted through , it has always been that way & it always will be that way .

        If a player who we release as a 21 year old goes on to win over 77 international caps , score over 17 international goals & Captain his Country at a World Cup , win the Champions League , FA , League cup , UEFA Cup , Super Cup , numerous PFA & Football Writers Player of the year awards & finish in the top ten of both the Ballon D'or & FIFA World Player of the year like Gerrard has then I will think about Dalle Vale , Riche Partridge , Stephen Wright or whoever else we released that you think is better .

        Some people just cant see a priest on a mountain of sugar !

        Sacre Bleu !

    • A word of credit has to be given to Carra who I never heard a bad word about & Gerrard who's only slight Blemish came after he punched the head of some guy in a bar , which he was cleared of in court , while he was still dealing legally & emotionally with his wife being robbed at knife point & his children threatened in their home when he was away at a European game for us .

      The amount of pressure he is under being a hometown boy was phenomenal especially when he broke into the side first & he handles it immaculately & even Captains England .

      Both him and Carra are model pros too .

    • Oh I know. He is the model of excellence for all players who wish to be classified in the category of "World Class Footballer".
      He's also one of the must humble and well spoken star athletes I've ever followed, in all of sport.

      I followed him a bit at Atletico, and I learned alot more about him as a person by reading his autobiography. I hope and pray that he gets to hold an EPL trophy, FA or Title while playing for Liverpool (same goes for Stevie with Title). Throw in a CL while we're at it..

      I think all players who want to be in this elite category and status should have a look at Torres and how he's conducted himself his entire career both through the ranks as an Atletico and the past 4 years with Liverpool.

      Class on and off the pitch. The only people who are silly enough to badmouth him are the stupid Mancs, jealousy is envy. Torres over Rooney any day of the week

    • No worries there hes an absolute model pro & recently his missus gave birth to a baby girl I believe , a devoted proud family man and patriot by all accounts .

      All the genuine nut cases are all either Irish or British .

    • This is true, though Villa will be 29, so maybe a replacement for David, though he's far from done. But considering Llorente plays in beautiful, sunny conditions in a league where the CBs don't touch, push or pull you, and the midfielders don't tackle like men, might as well shave 3 years off his age..

      Anyways, yes I hope his spirits are high and he's back happy and ready to ball. And, as long as he's not drinking, doing drugs or killing anyone, I don't care what he does as long as he's in the mood upon his return to Melwood..

    • He's fat !

      He's round !

      He bounces of the ground !

      Jan Mol - by !!

      Jan Mol - by !!!

      True enough Smithy , true enough !

    • That Lorry fella is only a year younger than Torres so I cant see him being a long term replacement .

      I hope he just wanted to get away to raise his spirits & be among a footballing atmosphere he enjoys instead of the depression Hodgson & yes NEVS are fostering at our club . If he has any kind of strain at all then surly he wont play .

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