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  • John John Nov 17, 2010 03:27 Flag

    Big Night Tonight ....

    For our very own TEENAGER Danny Wilson who is making his senior debut for Scotland .

    I know he isnt a munchkin & only has pale skin & a not very extravagant name or hair do but he is still only a boy & I'm sure he would welcome your best wishes & maybe checking him out on Sky Sports .

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    • Lovely goal! Well done lad!

    • Magnificent first half for the boy .

      If you didnt know he was only 18 you would never believe it .

      He hasnt wasted a pass all night , his positioning has been excellent & his reading of it & composure is remarkable , looks like a seasoned international .

      I know its only the Faroe Islands they are playing & they are using only one up front so the boy isnt over worked but he is doing everything asked of him & more . He has delivered one or two very clever balls down the line after spotting clever runs his passing looks excellent & he's a big Lefty like Agger !

      Our more American readers *Cough Jason Cough* will be glad to hear that he has attacked to corners & two goals is the result one of them his & a volley Torres would be proud of !

      Its the perfect fixture for an 18 year old to debut in such a critical position as Centre back , its all working out for him & hes taking his opportunity yet again ,

      I'm very impressed so far .

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      • Right he's off after an hour and apart from proving again he has an excellent range of passing with an inch perfect chipped 45 yard pass down the line that lead to an effort on goal there's nothing much more to report .

        More or less a dream debut for the boy he didnt put a foot wrong , his side kept a clean sheet while he was on the pitch , he scored one , made one & passed it around like Jan Molby .

        I dont want to put too much pressure on the boy but Kyrgiakos should be worried especially in Europe & with a sweet left peg like that Aurelio should be worried too because I seen nothing in his game that would prevent him from quickly becoming our second choice left back .

        Very impressive all around .

        On a side note Utd must be kicking themselves they let Bardsley go & England must be upset they ignored him , he was always a thunderous tackler like Steven Warnock but now he has added a bit of craft to his game , Sunderland must love him ? Still only 24 or 25 I think .

    • He was taken off because it was a friendly & the manager had seen enough of him & wanted to have a look at someone else , no injury that I seen .

      Charlie Adam who had a busy & decent game picked up a strain & was taken off which is the only injury I noticed .

    • That's good news then. A job well done for the boy..

      Hopefully the rest of the cast will perform well in their respective matches, stay injury free and bring some good form and spirits back to Anfield, and then send West Ham back down where they came from, in style!

    • With a measly squad of just 20 I'm actually dreading the thought of any of our players playing in meaningless friendly's & risking injury .

      Torres has a confirmed ligament strain but he was still released to Spain , that tells me the player wanted to get away from Hodgson .

      He's not looking happy .

    • I think, and hope Spain will be monitoring him closely, and I wouldn't think he'd get more than a 25-30 minute run out, since I know they are very keen to give minutes to in form striker Fernando Llorente to see if he's a suitable featured replacement long term for Villa and or Torres down the road..

      As for Torres, I hate the thought of him playing at all, especially with a knock, but as long as he comes back healthy and happy it's fine because nobody could stop him anyways, and could any of of us blame him for wanting to get away after that atrocity @ Stoke?

      Hopefully he'll come back with a rejuvenated spirit and spreads it to the team and put 3 past west ham..

    • That Lorry fella is only a year younger than Torres so I cant see him being a long term replacement .

      I hope he just wanted to get away to raise his spirits & be among a footballing atmosphere he enjoys instead of the depression Hodgson & yes NEVS are fostering at our club . If he has any kind of strain at all then surly he wont play .

    • He's fat !

      He's round !

      He bounces of the ground !

      Jan Mol - by !!

      Jan Mol - by !!!

      True enough Smithy , true enough !

    • This is true, though Villa will be 29, so maybe a replacement for David, though he's far from done. But considering Llorente plays in beautiful, sunny conditions in a league where the CBs don't touch, push or pull you, and the midfielders don't tackle like men, might as well shave 3 years off his age..

      Anyways, yes I hope his spirits are high and he's back happy and ready to ball. And, as long as he's not drinking, doing drugs or killing anyone, I don't care what he does as long as he's in the mood upon his return to Melwood..

    • No worries there hes an absolute model pro & recently his missus gave birth to a baby girl I believe , a devoted proud family man and patriot by all accounts .

      All the genuine nut cases are all either Irish or British .

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