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  • Hobsey Hobsey Nov 18, 2010 17:15 Flag

    Team to face West Ham?

    With Lucas banned, Dan Agger out indefinitely, Johnson and Cole struggling to make the weekend plus now the skipper looking likely to miss out, what would you play?


    No doubt, if the injury situation remains the same we will probably see Poulsen ahead of Jovanovic and Aurelio out wide.

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    • Reina
      Johnson, Carra, Skrtel, Aurelio
      Meireles, Shelvey
      Kuyt, Suso, Jovanovic

    • Well Hobs, the good news that sickening feeling you had in your gut seems like it won't happen now that Jay Spearing has an ankle injury and is doubtful from what I read..

      Tell you what, when it rains, it really pours.. Poulsen is a definite start now, and I'd have to guess Shelvey will make a start most likely out of position, and possibly Aurelio too.

      I wouldn't rule out somthing ridiculous like this:

      glen carra skrtel konchesky
      poulsen aurelio
      kuyt meireles maxi

      If Roy wanted to still attempt to be positive as if he were still at..errr Fulham, he could have b-lls and do:

      Glen Carra Skrtel Konchesky
      Maxi Meireles Shelvey Babel (or Jovan)

    • Hobs, I hadn't even considered that one, that is truly sickening. If we come out in that formation, with those players at home vs West Ham, Roy should be taken away in a straightjacket! It makes no sense to me that he scouted and bought the player for everything he's good at, and misuses him especially while we have players available to play those positions.. Makes me mad

      If there is any silver lining, and believe me, it's hard to find one, but with Gerrard out, it's the perfect opportunity to let Meireles really do a job in the center of the pitch. I am not suggesting he is Gerrard by any means, just simply stating that with his passing range, defensive qualities, box to box nature and long range striking abilities, he could really be utilized to his best. And, I think Spearing would do ok next to him, though like you say, it will be Poulsen... maybe he can raise his game vs Champions League contenders West Ham??

      Maxi Poulsen Meireles Babel
      Kuyt Torres

    • Your right again Jason, Meireles has all the tools to become a world class player. I would say after Torres, Gerrard, Reina he is our next best player (sorry Dirk!). It makes me so mad when he wont get played in his best position. I keep getting this horrid feeling we are going to go 4-2-3-1 with Poulsen and Spearing in the centre and Meireles as the attacking midfielder. Roy needs to get a grip.

    • If I was Hodgson, I would try something different.

      ---------------------------------Reina-------------------- -----------
      ------------------------Ngog------------Torres------------ --------
      + two kids

      Yes, we are two men down. As Roy's buys are pretty much useless, we either put two kids in there or play with 9 men. I've put Konchesky in there as he might have a point to prove against WHU.

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      • Meireles is useless? REALLY? He's probably been a top 3-4 player for us both form and consistency in only 13 career games... that is sheer madness to say that. He played a huge part in the destruction of the reigning European and World Champions yesterday as the central midfielder controlling all of the play surrounded by a bunch of attacking, ball hogging primadonnas in Crissy Ronaldo, Nani etc.

        I, like you, wish Roy had the b-lls to try something different in a positive manner and throw Glen on the right side with Kelly behind him but we know he won't. You and I are just about always on the same page with team selections, but can we please, please refrain from using Poulsen?? (even though our opinion doesn't matter?) The mere sight, or mention of his name makes me sick, and puts us a goal down...
        * I reserve the right for Poulsen to prove me wrong by putting in a masterclass, but until said performance occurs, he's dead to me.

        For sake of my hatred of Poulsen, how's this for somewhat realistic selection:

        Glen Carra Skrtel Konchesky
        Kuyt Meireles Shelvey Maxi
        Ngog Torres

        I'd certainly welcome front 6 of this as well:

        Maxi Spearing Meireles Babel
        Kuyt Torres

        Whatever 11 go out there, there is no excuse for not beating West Ham by at least 2 goals. NONE, I won't listen to anything Roy says ever again if we win 2-1, draw or god forbid lose.

    • Would rather see Spearing (now the Gerrard is injured) in centre mid with Meireles than play Aurelio or god forbid Poulsen.

      More than happy to see Aurelio at left back though.

    • Gerrard def out now for "3 to 4 weeks". Can't see either Kuyt or Torres playing (both didn't play in the mid-week internationals) and apparently Skrtel is a "doubt".

      we're in trouble this weekend.

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      • Gerrard is 3-4 weeks but heres the only good news we have heard this week and all 4 should start.



        Thats surely what Roy will go with. I do worry however that he may do something stupid like start Shelvey on the right or put Spearing in. He seems to just like playing the players he trusts despite the fact they cant play those positions. It would be nice if he had the b0ll0cks to go for it at home and just throw Johnson on to the wing, leaving Kelly at RB, and just leaving Kuyt high against the worst team in the league.

    • Agree w/ you Hobs 100%. And, if we are going to play players out of position which had been a habit of Rafa and now Roy too, whether it be out of necessity or just best fit from our personnel, it should be done by players who are used to it. What I mean by that is Kuyt in particular. Yes, he is a striker or support striker by trade from his days in the Dutch league, but for all his years at the club (5?), mostly under Rafa and with Netherlands, he's been used as right wing, or right wide man.

      Though we all know he's not burning up the pitch with pace, he's always done a more than adequate job there and has the ability to deliver crosses (see @ trafford last year to Torres header), and he helps keep that side busy for the full back to get forward as well as track back. What he lacks in pace, he makes up for with hard work and clever play. There is no problem with him on the right, since he's played about 80-90% of his time there, and has been successful in goals/assists.

      As for Meireles, he can do everything Alonso did, but is far more athletic, faster, quicker and plays box to box. Per my Portuguese friend watching yesterday's match vs Spain :

      "Meireles has been brilliant in the center, breaking up plays and distributing the ball nicely, what a waste for you lot".

      Perfect evidence to match what my friend was describing to me, and what Meireles can do:

      Notice he comes all the way across from the right, to disrupt and create from the middle...

    • Jason, thats the one thing that pi55es me off the most is that I finally get excited at what I also consider an Alonso replacement being purchased only to see him out wide to accomodate Lucas who should be playing back up to the central pair.
      Seeing this nonsense of Shelvey on the right side frustrates me also. When everyone is fit we should be playing
      Johnson---------------Carragher------------------ Agger----------- ---Aurelio

      There is no way that side would be in the same position as our current one.

    • Could be a possibility, but he seemed very lively when he came on playing out wide, as he has in spots for the past few years, plus w/ Jovan never playing there's 0 genuine pace on either side.

      He's obviously not, nor never will be a true winger, but probably still the best option, so if he can get down and send in a cross here and there, Torres/Kuyt/Ngog can only benefit from those balls getting into the box, rather than everything so predictably from the center.. Plus Babel's first touch is inconsistent, poor-avg at best, so he could be wasteful behind or next to Torres in closed/tight spaces..

      If Meireles plays right wing, AGAIN, it's just a complete waste of him and his skills. He was a standout for Portugal yesterday playing in the cdm of a 4-3-3. He broke up several plays and delivered the ball out wide nicely in every attack or counter....(Chelsea match anyone??) I think we had an Alonso fella who used to do that, but no, he'll play rw and waste away for 75 mins

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