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  • Three very easy goals against a rubbish side, we should have scored 5 or 6.

    There was more zest in the ladies handball on eurosport.

    Hodgson - no good holding up three fingers and whinging about it on the bench mate, you needed to get to the byline and done something about it!

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    • Well said armchair, however against Spurs a draw won't be too bad as long as we roast them when they come to Anfield.

    • Would again agree with most of what you say. But i think injuries will be the main problem for Cole to put a run of games under his belt. He may proove me wrong but i'm not to sure about him at the moment.

      I think you'll see were the owners see Woy when the transfer window opens. If they do bank role the team. Then they may just keep him for longer than we would like. But i think he'll be here until the end of the season come what may.

      As for the quality of the team being fairley good over all. I just feel we need more depth of players who can come on and change the game in our favour. And at the moment only two players i can think of would/ do that at the moment.

      As for fans not aiming high enough or just expecting us to be mid table and be happy with it. Well what fan would do that? I love LIVERPOOL as much as anyone and would love us to be top of the tree again. Lets just hope the new owners get it right and get the right man as the manager.


    • Anyone in particular you had in mind Smith?

    • Now you're cooking Smithy Boy !!!

    • Apart from a few level headed posters who are not happy with the current position or the quality of football being play, I have to question others who seem to have resigned themselves to mid table mediocrity already.

      Wasn't it Shankly who said: aim for the sky and you'll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you'll stay on the floor ?

      Anyone who does not want to aim for the sky kindly clear off.

    • JOHN...as u rightly say there is NO REASON FOR HIM...HODGSON...TO BE HERE. Appoint King Kenny...NOW !!!

    • Winning is a habit Andrew .

      For 20 years now we have been spending like we are the champions when we should have been spending like we are the challengers .

      Yes we need more quality players for the squad & yes we need a premiership proven striker like Crouch or Keane or even both to to come into the side on rotation . link play , create & contribute at least a goal in 3 , Kuyt & Torres cant be expected to play 60 games per season & N'Gog has failed to show he is up to the job every chance he has had against high level opposition & Babel has just failed time & time again .

      Ideally I'd like to see a creative Keane & an unpolished but brutally effective Andy Carroll signed to be used in rotation . Or equally a Crouch & a young creative link up striker( who has yet to appear) to develop un rushed .

      Cole is an excellent player he's had a nightmare start with us both on & off the pitch but once things start leveling out for him & they will expect him to be making an incredibly strong claim for a regular England starting place , he is a genuine top class signing & Merieles isnt looking too far behind him .

      There's actually not too much wrong with our midfield options but I would like to see a proven quality left sided premiership player of Stewart Downing's or Gamst Pederson standard for our left side & genuine competition on the right for Maxi who I don't think we have seen the best of yet .

      We have a very strong back line as it is with 7 senior internationals competing for 4 places .That said although young Kelly is doing very well I'd like to see a senior right back signed to take the pressure & directly compete with Johnson , Kelly is excellent & young Wilson looks a fantastic prospect too & Aurelio is an excellent footballer but I think with his injury's we need another experienced left back in there to cover for the superbly consistent Konshesky who is pushing hard for the England Left Back position .

      Renia as always I'm delighted with .

      Hes very close to knocking Brucie off his perch as the best Keeper we had since the fantastic Clemence .

      Let Dalglish add 5 of his choices to that squad & he would have us top 2 by the end of next season with a genuine chance of winning it on the last week of the season & I dare say knowing Kenny you could throw in a cup final or two as well .

      We cant win em all but we can genuinely contest them all & Dalglish without a shadow of a doubt would get us at it like he never was away .

    • Agree and i never saw him as the next LIVERPOOL manager anyways. But still think we need more talent all over the pitch. Another striker someone in midfield who can make things happen. Like J. Cole but much better he's had his day imho. A leftback wouldn't go amiss either. And as hard as it would be cover for Gerrard.

      There are signs with the right man in charge we could do much better. Whether that would mean us challenging for the title i'm not sure. But at least pushing those above us harder. And winning a cup or two wouldn't hurt either!!

    • This is as how we're doing under Hodgson.

      Won 5 Drawn 4 Lost 5..

      Makes me wonder if he's doing it on purpose?

      Always keeping it so we never keep winning..

      This is how average we are...

      If we draw our next game and I expect we will.. Then it's looking a bit suspect to me..

      That Hodgson is doing it on purpose..

      Then we'll have Won 5, Drawn 5, Lost 5..

      Hmm whats every1 think?

      Is is it all Hodgson's grand scheme?

    • We did take our foot off the pedal in the second half & I dont like the way he used Torres .

      Hodgson seems to think we are top of the league with 50 goals scored & 5 conceded .

      We could & should have had at least 5 today & probably would have if he played Kuyt up front earlier if not from the beginning & not have Torres wasting his talent on the wings or in our own half .

      What a waste of talent !