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  • Its always nice to win with loads of goals. And in another season i would EXPECT it no questions asked. But this season has been a nightmare full stop.

    So the games you would automatically expect us to win in most seasons hasn't happend this year. So although i want better from our team. And really hope things get better. Three points are a must have at the moment no matter how poor we are.

    Spurs next up and a draw wouldn't be the worst result by a long way. Well not for this season anyways.

    This statement doesn't mean i like or except the way things are going. But if the team isn't good enough without whole sale changes. Then what do you expect?

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    • From now on a draw should be seen as been as bad as a defeat..

      As we can't afford to draw anymore games...

    • Theres only one glaring change that needs to be made to that squad & its the man in charge of it .

      There isnt a lack of talent at our club , there is a lack of faith in the man in charge & there is horrible negative tactics & a horrible depressing atmosphere around the first team squad because of one man , the manager .

      We have one of the best strikers I have ever seen & the best in the world at the moment in Torres playing out on the wings , tracking back into his own half & on most second half displays being used as a target man to chase lost causes & or win it , hold it up & lay it off to Poulsen !!!

      Its just wrong .

      A criminal waste of genuine world class talent .

      With Dirk Kuyt beside him dropping deep & playing his superb technical Dutch two touch game we would have a legendary partnership under any other manager *COUGH* Get Dalglish in Charge Right Now ! *COUGH *

      Chopping & changing the players is only going to make matters worse . Adding 4 or 5 proven quality Premier League players to the squad just to make sure we are capable of sustaining a challenge in the league & cups is the way to go but no more of this one in = one out bullshit .

      Hodgson has to go , bottom line .

      NEVS didnt hire him , the fans dont want him & the players dont believe in him .

      Theres no reason for him to be here .