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  • ANDREW ANDREW Nov 23, 2010 16:44 Flag

    A very limp victory!

    Would again agree with most of what you say. But i think injuries will be the main problem for Cole to put a run of games under his belt. He may proove me wrong but i'm not to sure about him at the moment.

    I think you'll see were the owners see Woy when the transfer window opens. If they do bank role the team. Then they may just keep him for longer than we would like. But i think he'll be here until the end of the season come what may.

    As for the quality of the team being fairley good over all. I just feel we need more depth of players who can come on and change the game in our favour. And at the moment only two players i can think of would/ do that at the moment.

    As for fans not aiming high enough or just expecting us to be mid table and be happy with it. Well what fan would do that? I love LIVERPOOL as much as anyone and would love us to be top of the tree again. Lets just hope the new owners get it right and get the right man as the manager.