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  • Things were starting to look good for us with successive wins vs Blackburn, Bolton and Chelsea....however, our form since the win vs Chelsea has been very poor indeed....draw vs wigan, loss vs stoke, win vs west ham, loss vs spurs....

    these are all teams that we would expect to beat (maybe not spurs).

    what the hell is going on?!

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    • Nobody cares what you will or wont do , I asked you what right do you have to complain about M's posts .

      Are you the Queen & we are your subjects here to amuse you ?

      You owe us an answer just in case any of us manage to talk our way into being beheaded or whatever it is you Queens do these days .

    • I looks to me like some financial wizz kid got a hold of the books & worked out that long term on average its X % more cost effective to remain just outside the top 4 than it is to challenge for or God forbid win the title .

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      • I am not quite sure why Baz seems to have a problem with my post - if he was that bothered, then why not just ignore it and move on, or perhaps, write something constructive and thought provoking (which I guess would have been too difficult for him).

        Anyway, i'm just disappointed that after the win vs chelsea, we haven't built on that and pushed on....i'm sure our more experienced players could be doing more - torres, kuyt, lucas, skrtel to name a few - and these players, together with joe cole will need to step up the game over the Christmas period whilst we are without Stevie and Carra.....recent results don't inspire me with much confidence, but i'd expect to get at least 4 points from the villa and newcastle games...

    • Same old sh!te but from a different poster. Change the record.