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  • Jason Jason Dec 2, 2010 20:48 Flag

    Some good news..

    We should hope anyone can find their feet, let alone see them based on what I saw from the weather update... -15, ice, snow and sleet? Hopefully they all come away fine.. but yes Cole should hopefully force his way back in at the expense of Ngog to accomodate Kuyt.. Maybe even Jovan can prove to Roy it's worth using 2, let alone 3 subs in a match winning or losing!

    I guess Agger's got probably what 5 weeks to go? Still good news, because it originally sounded very bad and I like him alot for what he brings offensively to set pieces, and the occasional long distance shot. Plus he's always yelling and screaming at someone,ala Jamie, so he makes a perfect fill in. I've always been a Skrtel fan, but I think they can really complement each other well this year and in the future..