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  • Jason Jason Dec 2, 2010 23:25 Flag

    Some good news..


    Yes, I do have to say a bit. He's still not an old man, 25 I believe so he's certainly got room for improvement and to grow. I don't see any reason why he couldn't, in theory, reach his levels of 2008. Plus another thing to consider is, Daniel Agger, has never gone through a season without injuries that cause him to miss significant action, so I think when he's fit again he's really got to be stellar to earn a starting spot. I can't deny he's the most skilled of the group, but nothing should be given to him, and it's a great problem to have, Carra/Skrtel/Agger competing for 2 places with Wilson, Kelly and if I must... Ayala (not a fan) watching the 3 of them..

    Anyhow, good conversation piece, off I go. Enjoy what I'm sure will be another interesting day on the boards as always, and I'll hope to get home to see the Reds through in Europa!

    Cheers boys.