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  • Loki Loki Dec 2, 2010 21:44 Flag

    Konchesky. A pile of dogsh*t or useful squad member?

    I think he's a pile odf dogsh*t - and I can'r believe he will eventually cost us 5 big ones!

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    • Certain fans love to scapegoat a player, or a manager when things don't go well. Maybe that is human nature as its easier to say "its all his fault" than actually look at a complex question and work out all the answers.

      Lucas has had it, Kuyt has had it, N'Gog still gets it, and of course we all know Rafa had it in spades last season. Now its PK's turn.

      But for me its not all his fault, at best he's a squad player in my book, but not a player who should is first choice on a side with top 4 aspirations. But, when your only option because the owners in the summer would not invest is an often injured player in the twilight of his career, or a kiddie straight from the reserves, a steady eddy who may never be great, but will put in an honest shift, is what we get.

      If we can get a top class LB in January I'd have it high on my shopping list, and my preference would be to bring back Insua as the understudy and let PK go. However I'd not mind keeping him as a squadie until the summer if the market has nothing better.

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      • Dave, the reason that players get scapegoated is because by signing for LFC they are signing on to expectation. We have a tradition of being the best and that means making very few mistakes. Kuyt and Carra have been through the mill and come out better players, Lucas is on his way out of the mill himself right now. Theres one of 2 things that will happen with Paul Koncheskey, he will either fall by the wayside and be replaced or he will dig deep, concentrate, work hard and come out the other side as a better player. Either way, which ever way he goes will be what he deserves.

      • Dave, why is konchesky deemed bad, is it opinion, standards, expectations, perceptions or the base fact that he has failed to impress, The later, something he admitted to about a month ago.
        Also, why a top class left back in the sales, if you think he is being persecuted.
        Anyway we have a more important issue, tell me when was the last time we had a negative goal difference after 15 games.

    • I think all Liverpool players are shit .

      But then again I dont know what it means to be a supporter & I think that by scapegoating players that I dont look like a dickhead to all other supporters from other clubs that are loving our demise .

      I'm a useless cunt & the sooner the club falls into the 3'rd division & useless cunts like me fuck off the sooner we will be back to winning ways .

    • The best left back at Liverpool is Robinson, which tells you where we are.

    • HAHAHA! Love it!

      Accussing someone of not being a Liverpool supporter is rich coming from you, the biggest enemy to LFC I have seen on this board since P&S...oh I forgot, you are P&S!

      As for cancer...i'm pretty sure it would be more enjoyable than logging onto here and seeing that you are still alive!

      Bless ya John, can't take someone telling you the truth...you are a CUNT!

    • "Listen up fuckface"

      Hahaha....luv it :)


    • I think that roy and his staff and konchesky himself are to blame. Konchesky has said that things have not gone right since his arrival. Roy didn't carry out a proper scouting programme to ensure that he was the right fit for the job. Imo.

      But scouting at the club, has been flawed for the last few managers.

    • A 17 year old who made one substitute appearance when he was a 16 year old is our best left back ?

      That statement says more about you than it says about our club .

    • He's been shocking for us but I thought he'd be a useful squaddie when I heard we were in for him.

      How wrong was I?

      You never know, he might have difficulties settling into the squad. *grasping at straws*

    • Can't disagree with most of that. The real issue I think started in letting Insua go without a real plan to replace him. I know Insua was not everyone’s cup of tea, but at his age he was only going to get better as he matured, and imo has the possibility of becoming a top class LB.

      My assumption is that Roy, or whoever was making the decisions felt that Konch was adequate cover until funding allowed for a much better player, and or maybe they thought he could push on as a player. But I think the evidence so far has proven it a poor move. He might settle, but at his age I don't think its likely he'll get much better, and Roy having managed him for the last couple seasons should have known that.

      Bottom line I think realistically we'll can't rely on Aurellio. I love him as a player, but sentimentality cannot play a part when a player is on the downslide of a career. If he can stay injury free great, but at best he's cover when healthy for LB and LW. Therefore we need someone who is a realistic starter for a club with top 4 aspirations, and not sure PK is that man. Ideally we replace him with a better player and keep Fabio as back up, or we bring Insua back and trust he can solidify the position for himself, and PK and FA fight it out to who should be the back up.

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