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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 3, 2010 03:32 Flag

    Konchesky. A pile of dogsh*t or useful squad member?

    Certain fans love to scapegoat a player, or a manager when things don't go well. Maybe that is human nature as its easier to say "its all his fault" than actually look at a complex question and work out all the answers.

    Lucas has had it, Kuyt has had it, N'Gog still gets it, and of course we all know Rafa had it in spades last season. Now its PK's turn.

    But for me its not all his fault, at best he's a squad player in my book, but not a player who should is first choice on a side with top 4 aspirations. But, when your only option because the owners in the summer would not invest is an often injured player in the twilight of his career, or a kiddie straight from the reserves, a steady eddy who may never be great, but will put in an honest shift, is what we get.

    If we can get a top class LB in January I'd have it high on my shopping list, and my preference would be to bring back Insua as the understudy and let PK go. However I'd not mind keeping him as a squadie until the summer if the market has nothing better.

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    • Dave, the reason that players get scapegoated is because by signing for LFC they are signing on to expectation. We have a tradition of being the best and that means making very few mistakes. Kuyt and Carra have been through the mill and come out better players, Lucas is on his way out of the mill himself right now. Theres one of 2 things that will happen with Paul Koncheskey, he will either fall by the wayside and be replaced or he will dig deep, concentrate, work hard and come out the other side as a better player. Either way, which ever way he goes will be what he deserves.

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      • Sorry Hobbs got to disagree with you here. You are correctly describing the reality of the current times, but not sure it’s either the tradition, or what is in the interests of the club.

        I'm not trying to defend PK, as I think he was a poor signing, and at best is a squad player. But the key here is expectations. If anyone thought that PK coming in would mean we'd just signed a top class LB, then to be fair they need their head examined. So why grade him as if he were a top class LB when he fails to live up to that level?

        One the one hand I'd like to agree with you that as a large club, and a club with not just a history and tradition of being the best, but aspirations of quickly returning to that level, that we should be signing the best and holding players accountable if they are not the best.

        However, with no new money being invested in the transfer market over the last 3 seasons, a little realism has to creep into our thinking. When we've been forced to sell to spend the best we've been able to hope for is some canny shopping to improve the squad at the margins. Honestly think who was the last really top class players we've been able to bring in? Torres is the only one that comes to mind, everyone else has been players for one reason, maybe good, but have not been wanted by others. That is called shopping at the discount window.

        PK is a squad player, and was brought in to fill a hole. Insua was let go on loan (bad move imo, but not Paul's fault), and Aurellio has proven unreliable due to injuries. We had little or no money to spare, so we get what we pay for.

    • Dave, why is konchesky deemed bad, is it opinion, standards, expectations, perceptions or the base fact that he has failed to impress, The later, something he admitted to about a month ago.
      Also, why a top class left back in the sales, if you think he is being persecuted.
      Anyway we have a more important issue, tell me when was the last time we had a negative goal difference after 15 games.

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      • I thinking you’re falling into a trap that this is a black and white issue. You either love PK or you hate him! Fact is I don't think he'd good enough, and therefore think he should be replaced. But that is not a reason to scapegoat him, as it’s not his fault. It’s the fault of the manager who signed him and the club overall at the time, for not having been run well enough to fund the level of player we actually need. He came in as a player to plug a hole, so to expect anything more than average from him I think is unfair.

        You are right that we need more production up front, and that should be one of our focus's in improving the side. However I see a better LB as a convey belt that will help with that goal margin. Maybe it’s just a difference in opinion, but I see full backs as just as much attacking players as defenders. They may not put in many goals themselves, but they are part of the creative engine just as much as a creative playmaker in the center in providing the service a striker needs. And, with one of the best finishers in the game, I think what we need is improved service as much if not more than, another man standing next to Torres not getting service because we don't have good enough supply lines from the back.