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  • Jason Jason Dec 3, 2010 13:05 Flag

    This guy has heart..

    After all the hype and excitement over him joining the club this summer based on his promising performances in Europe and at the World Cup, everyone including myself more or less slated and rubbished this guy in the first 6-8 games when he was playing, and not playing well.

    Perhaps I certainly was too harsh on him, especially considering after re-watching all of his highlites and clips and seeing that his main position is a left footed forward/striker, but has be exclusively been used as a left wing in a new league with far superior talent and stronger players which most likely has contributed to him struggling a bit and falling out of favor.

    He, however, has said and done everything you could possibly expect from a professional footballer, and I think this is the ultimate sacrifice and I'm extremely happy he seemed to play well, scored a goal and kissed the LFC crest on his jersey while pointing to the visiting supporters.

    I have no choice but to pull for Jovan until he's given every full opportunity to prove he is absolutely not up to the task, sadly, I think that him being a Rafa signing, his fate has already been determined and he probably audtioned today for Roy to sell him in January.. it's a shame and I feel bad for a guy who says it was a dream to play for Liverpool and score goals in front of the kop..


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    • If Jovanovich isn't performing at 29 its because hes a limited player not because he's taking the piss & thieving millions from the fans who put their trust in him .

      I'm also revising my opinion of Babel on the Thieving score , I'm still sure he isn't applying himself honestly but now I'm starting to think his piss poor performances are because his game intelligence is about 3 gears lower than our other players around him .

      That aside ...

      I also think yer thinking too deeply about this & are getting over excited by what in reality are performances which are just not particularly bad but I'm sure there are considerations like you have mentioned he has taken into account but regardless , I'm not the mothering type & I'm not a player fan I'm a football fan & Liverpool is the club I support .

      With that in mind I still cant see how a player who rarely plays for us is improving himself & therefore our club by refusing to turn up for his country where he will almost certainly have the opportunity to stay sharp at a high level in competition & also by not doing so is risking our reputation among fans in Eastern Europe who may suspect we are pressurizing him not to play & I cant see how turning your back on your country in his circumstances is any proof of heart because to my mind it proves his lack of it .

      Ordinarily I'd never watch Serbia play but I would if I knew he was playing , like I did at the World Cup & if he isn't interested in raising the profile of his country in Western Europe he isn't that impressive a character in my book .

      The more I type the more he is starting to look like an out & out mercenary .

    • John, you make a fair and valid point, and with today's athletes anywhere you go I wouldn't put it past them. God knows, we've got plenty of overpaid bums in American football who could care less. Even one in particular who collected a $21 million dollar check in August just to show up for practice and do nothing else!
      All he does now is eat, get fat and play a few minutes a game. He's a disgrace..

      But, I guess could it be a fair question to ask, maybe Jovanovic views a move back to Belgium or any other league as a personal failure, especially after signing for the biggest club in England?

      If he is turning down a move, because of money then I guess he really just doesn't have ambitions anymore because he's 29 and should have plenty of years left to play and all he's really doing is spiting himself by sitting on the bench and letting his career fade away.. both domestically and internationally speaking.

      Again, who knows, maybe it's an example of what you describe as being a thief? Guess we'll know more come January..

    • He's on over £2 million per year !

      Of course he doesn't want to go back to Belgium .

    • How much do you think he is on ?

      He mightn't be on 70 000 but you can be sure hes well over 50 000 seeing as he arrived on a free .

      Birmingham CSKA & City are hardly Europe's Elite & besides that you cant seem to tell the difference between a team & a team sheet , didn't the mighty Australians beat them at the World Cup ?

      You must know too much about Football outside the EPL if it took me to point that blooper out to ya .

      Either that or you know a lot about nothing ?

    • Don't forget that earlier this year, another Belgian club, maybe bigger than Standard, Anderlecht expressed interest to bringing him back to that league and he declined so he could fight what appears a lost cause at Anfield, by even trying getting some minutes.

      And yes, Serbia have plenty of good players, I was thinking the same thing... They did manage to outplay and beat the # 3 ranked team at the World Cup, Germany. With none other than Jovan scoring the winner.

    • Jason you're assuming Hodgson will still be here in January which i doubt...

    • Keep yer knickers on Jason .

      Just because he isnt complete shite doesnt mean hes Liverpool standard .

      Should the assholes get off his back & appreciate the talents he brings to the squad , namely ,Strength in possession & an eye for a killer Pass ?


      But should they ignore all his flaws & pretend he is Gerrard ?

      No .

      As for heart he hasnt been here 5 minutes let alone 5 seasons & you are talking about him like he's Carra .

      He isnt completely shit as he appeared at first but there's a lot of 2'nd Division English & Scottish Premier players who aren't complete shite either .

      Big Whoop Magazine has them on its cover every week .