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  • Jason Jason Dec 3, 2010 22:08 Flag

    This guy has heart..

    John, you make a fair and valid point, and with today's athletes anywhere you go I wouldn't put it past them. God knows, we've got plenty of overpaid bums in American football who could care less. Even one in particular who collected a $21 million dollar check in August just to show up for practice and do nothing else!
    All he does now is eat, get fat and play a few minutes a game. He's a disgrace..

    But, I guess could it be a fair question to ask, maybe Jovanovic views a move back to Belgium or any other league as a personal failure, especially after signing for the biggest club in England?

    If he is turning down a move, because of money then I guess he really just doesn't have ambitions anymore because he's 29 and should have plenty of years left to play and all he's really doing is spiting himself by sitting on the bench and letting his career fade away.. both domestically and internationally speaking.

    Again, who knows, maybe it's an example of what you describe as being a thief? Guess we'll know more come January..