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  • John John Dec 3, 2010 22:32 Flag

    This guy has heart..

    If Jovanovich isn't performing at 29 its because hes a limited player not because he's taking the piss & thieving millions from the fans who put their trust in him .

    I'm also revising my opinion of Babel on the Thieving score , I'm still sure he isn't applying himself honestly but now I'm starting to think his piss poor performances are because his game intelligence is about 3 gears lower than our other players around him .

    That aside ...

    I also think yer thinking too deeply about this & are getting over excited by what in reality are performances which are just not particularly bad but I'm sure there are considerations like you have mentioned he has taken into account but regardless , I'm not the mothering type & I'm not a player fan I'm a football fan & Liverpool is the club I support .

    With that in mind I still cant see how a player who rarely plays for us is improving himself & therefore our club by refusing to turn up for his country where he will almost certainly have the opportunity to stay sharp at a high level in competition & also by not doing so is risking our reputation among fans in Eastern Europe who may suspect we are pressurizing him not to play & I cant see how turning your back on your country in his circumstances is any proof of heart because to my mind it proves his lack of it .

    Ordinarily I'd never watch Serbia play but I would if I knew he was playing , like I did at the World Cup & if he isn't interested in raising the profile of his country in Western Europe he isn't that impressive a character in my book .

    The more I type the more he is starting to look like an out & out mercenary .