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  • LEX LEX Dec 23, 2010 03:55 Flag

    If you were the owners would you trust Roy to spend your money in January

    I was under the impression that KKD had said in the summer that he would do the job on a tempory basis untill the new ownership was sorted out.
    I belevie this was not wanted and the then owners wanted a more permanent solution as i think it was not 100% clear who the new owners would be.

    But as KKD had only wished to "help" the club out of what might have been a problem ie a new manager on a long contract to pay off it was decided a more permanant appointment would be needed and if that was KKD's position in the summer i cant to be honest see that changeing in yes KK will do the job "Short term" he does not it seems wish to be a long term manager to re-build the boot room